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Sturgeon Fishing

The word has spread across the world’s sport fishing community about massive fish exploding on the water’s surface and epic battles that measure in hours, not minutes. Stories of fish so powerful, anglers must continuously rotate on the rod and stories of fish so large, that they couldn’t be moved off the bottom.

In most cases, you would think, sure, another exaggerated fisherman’s tale, but on the Fraser River, this is absolute reality. There are monsters in the river.

Fraser River Giants – Massive Jumps & Epic Tail Walks

Many of our guests will tell you this, “There aren’t many places in the world where one can hook so many large fish consistently in the world.” Just knowing that there are fish in this river that can exceed 13ft and weigh more than 1500lbs, it is no wonder that our guests come back year after year in search of that next trophy giant.

Landing a fish that is bigger and stronger than you is what Sturgeon Fishing is all about. If you’ve ever doubted or had second thoughts about trying sturgeon fishing, this is a fishery you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Fraser River Canyon – Where the Giant Sturgeon Live

Not far from Chilliwack is a part of the Fraser River that offers a fishing experience like none other. It is the beginning portion of what we call the Fraser Canyon. Here, the river gets narrower, a lot deeper, and also, a lot faster. Most of it is simply unfishable, but the areas that are, can provide some amazing fishing opportunities.

The Fraser River Canyon is known for its giant White Sturgeon that feel right at home in these treacherous waters. Many epic battles have lasted more than 3 hours, only to be lost. With food being scarce, it’s survival of the fittest for these fish. First to the food gets to grow bigger… it’s as simple as that.

Combined with an incredible jet boat ride through some of the most scenic terrain the Fraser River Canyon portion of the river offers one of the best chances of hooking a trophy fish of a lifetime.

Knowledgeable Sturgeon Fishing Guides Ensure Success

Our crew of guides are the area’s best… some with over 30 years of sturgeon fishing experience and enough river knowledge to cover over 150km of river, in order to produce consistent results day in and day out. Our crew are out on the water every day so we know where the action is and where the Sturgeon are. Whether you’re a die-hard angler interested in beating your personal best, looking for a fun fishing outing with your buddies, or want to treat your valued clients or employees to a special and unique fishing experience, we can provide you with a first-class sturgeon sport fishing adventure.

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