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Steelhead Fishing

At Great River Fishing Adventures, we have the top Steelhead guides assembled to make your adventure an unforgettable experience. Our guides’ extensive knowledge of the rivers will ensure that we have you fishing in the top producing locations and with right gear and tackle to ensure a successful and exhilarating time.


Steelhead fishing in British Columbia is one of the more challenging river sport fishing opportunities we have to offer. They aren’t nearly as abundant as our salmon and at times they can seem to be elusive and “moody”, and will test your abilities, knowledge, and experience to its fullest. However, it seems that this sort of challenge grows on certain anglers, and the Steelhead has a large world-wide following of die-hard “Steelheaders.” For many river anglers, finding, hooking and landing a big Steelhead is the ultimate experience in river fishing!

In this part of British Columbia, we offer Steelhead Adventures on several different rivers with each providing you with its own unique character, setting, and spectacular scenery. Our expert guides will know what rivers to visit depending on the season and current fishing conditions. Our winter-run Steelhead is present in our rivers from December to May, with the best fishing available from February to April.

Steelhead Walk and Wade Adventure

What better way to enjoy a winter or spring day than hiking and fishing one of our beautiful rivers with anticipation of finding some enormous chrome Steelhead. This 8 hour trip gives you the opportunity to explore and appreciate the true beauty of British Columbia’s outdoors.

Clean, fast-flowing rivers, classic pools and runs, snow-covered mountain peaks, and explosive fish are what BC Steelheading is all about. We fish several rivers, each in its own unique setting, and offer you miles and miles of fishable water. We cater to both fly and gear anglers alike.

Steelhead One-on-One Instructional Adventure

If you are new to river fishing, finding and hooking Steelhead can sometimes seem very frustrating. However, knowing some basic facts and information will greatly increase your success rates on the river.

On this “hands-on” instructional trip, you’ll spend 8 hours on the river, fishing as you learn.

  • Bait
  • Presentation & Techniques
  • Tackle & Equipment
  • Reading and Covering water
  • How to Fish Pools, Riffles, Runs and Tailouts
  • Learn Fish Behaviour
  • River Safety

Whether you prefer to fly fish or use terminal tackle, our professional guides are there to help, teach, and explain. Our goal is to provide you with the correct information from the very beginning, so that you can enjoy hooking more fish and become a successful and more confident Steelheader.

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