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Sturgeon Fishing Addiction

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Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser RiverThe year started early with my friend Geoff, Sturgeon fishing addict extraordinaire wanting to come fishing in January. It was winter I said “are you nuts” to which he replied, “my friend and I have time off and this is when we can come, we know the fishing will be okay, we will take our chances.” I agreed and probably gave my head a shake at the same time.

Geoff was introduced to Sturgeon fishing when his dad Peter booked a number of fishing trips dating back to 2005 and they came to visit usually early March, we had some incredible days some yielding over 20 fish per day. Through the years we have shared many great fishing experiences on the Fraser River.

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser RiverA few days prior to Geoff and his buddy Colin’s  trip date the forecast was for snow, I phoned and warned then maybe they should cancel. Last ditch effort on my part to not go out in the cool weather. They said they were coming and on the 1st day we were snowed off the river, 14 inches overnight and we had to cancel the day. We then fished for the 2nd and the 3rd days able to get to the river to launch the boat and caught 21 Sturgeon over 2-days. The largest was 7 feet in length and this was an amazing 1st Sturgeon adventure for Colin and another incredible one for Geoff and I to hang out and catch up since we last fished.

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser RiverAll in all when we think of the great 365 day fishery we have here and to know that fish bite all year round, I sometimes wonder if I could catch Sturgeon every single day of the year? Now can I go fishing every day is the question something to ponder in the coming years.

check here for the photos on Facebook!

Looking forward to seeing Colin and Geoff again in 2012 




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