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New Fishing Report for British Columbia near Vancouver

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New Fishing Report for British Columbia near Vancouver

Fishing Report for Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for April 15

Another week of good fishing it has been and with the tree’s starting to bloom and the weather getting warmer we are seeing more anglers out and about on the local rivers. With the water in the Fraser River starting to rise and the color now murky, Eulachon (baitfish) beginning to migrate from the ocean, the Sturgeon have woken up. One of the big fish we landed actually jumped 2 times full body length out of the water this week, unfortunately we were not quite quick enough with the camera, but we have a long year ahead of us and many more fish to hook.

Fraser River, Sturgeon, Vancouver, Chilliwack, White Sturgeon, Fishing GuidesAll fishing trips this past week with our team of guides have been quite successful with the bait of choice being Eulachon and lamprey eel, but it won’t be long before dew worms will work well in the river. Check out our Facebook page to see up to date pictures from the river as we are always updating as much as possible. The best areas for us have been from Chilliwack to Mission (Cattermole’s, Canal, Strawberry Island and Hatzic) and the lower Fraser has been good from Fort Langley to Mission (2 bit, Mills at Stave, Sentinal and the race track). I was downriver with clients on Wednesday and we boated 7 nice fish all between 4 and 6.5 feet. The client flew in for 1 day of fishing and he really received a fulfilling day. Lee was able to tag his very 1st White Sturgeon ever and we had 5 recaptures and 2 virgins total. This experience was given to Lee by a corporate client of ours from Vancouver who sees the benefit of having 8 full hours of time to discuss business and have fun catching fish, really sets the tone for future business deals. At the end of our day Lee said this was much better then going to the Hockey game and hopes to come back again in the next year with his entire family to spend time here in British Columbia. A real success story and fun way of doing business while giving back to these amazing fish with more incredible data. Make sure that the guides you are going out with have tagging kits available so that you and your friends get the full experience while on the river. Over 47,000 White Sturgeon have been tagged since 1995 and we have collectively scanned over 92,000, these are truly numbers to marvel over.

One another note the Harrison River has been very productive for Cutthroat and Rainbows with emerging fry heading downstream to the Fraser and eventually to the ocean. You can find these nomads all over the river system now but some key areas have been just above the train bridge in the bay to the left, French creek flats and the areas opposite the Harrison rapids. Try using epoxy minnows now for the best results and remember the best results are now coming from the chum and sockeye minnow patterns.

Steelhead, Vedder River, Chilliwack River, Fly Fishing, Vancouver, ChilliwackThe Vedder/Chillwack River has been producing well for Steelie’s and whether you are gear fishing or fly fishing there seems to be fish to find in all reaches of the river. Some of the lower spots have been excellent for the Spey rods (the cottonwoods, and train bridge). Some of the best Steelheading of the year will be done in the next few weeks and some big fish will be landed and more trophy pictures will be taken. One of our long time clients Tim was here from Seattle with a friend and they had a 3 fish day on gear (great day of guiding Matt). Tim had a beautiful hatchery fish to take home to eat and we look forward to seeing him again in the summer for our Chinook fishery.


The Columbia River is a real treasure that is rarely fished by others and we offer this truly amazing Trout fishery with our team guide Bruce who is also part of the World famous Carron Spey casting team. Bruce is off to Speyorama here in the next week but will be back for fishing days near the end of the month. May through October are key months on the Columbia River near Trail that is the best kept secret. Over the years we have been able to take many of our clients here for some amazing days and weeks with great success and fish up to 15 pounds on the Spey and single handed rods. if you are interested in one of the best dry fly fisheries in the world let us know and we will hook you up.

We are also really looking forward to working hand in hand with the Fraser Valley Salmon Society for their annual Greg Clark Pike Minnow Derby at Cultus Lake on the Family Fishing Weekend of June 16th. We will be donating many of our boats and guides to take kids out for a short fishing experience. This has fast become one of the largest events in the BC on this weekend and we hope that you come out and enjoy the day. Please visit the Fraser Valley Salmon Society website or visit them on Facebook and “Like” their page. Lots of great fun and prizes and usually over 900 entrants with 2/3 of these being young kids.

Giving back to our community in Chilliwack has been the backbone of our company since 1988 and developing the youth of tomorrow is the key to the future fisheries and strengthens the bond through the generations. Family fishing days together are fun and enjoying time together seems to be harder and harder to make time for. The truth be known the reason why I am so blessed to do this as a full time job with our team of guides all stems from the amazing days out family fishing on Beautiful British Columbia’s, creeks, rivers, lakes and sloughs when I was young.

Cheers and great fishing, forever, Dean <“)))><





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