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Fraser River Fishing Report

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Taylor & Eddy fought hard for this one!

This week has been nothing short of amazing as the weather has been co-operative and the fish gods rewarding every guest leaving with an experience they are sure to be talking about for weeks to come. The Sturgeon have been big and the Salmon feisty, leaving every angler wanting to just stay on the river for “just a few minutes more”. If this week is an indicator of the next few months to come we are going to definitely be in for an exciting fall season.

Chris & Greg with their Big Catch of the Day

The Sturgeon fishing has picked up this week as the water levels in our river systems have started to return to normal. This unexpected challenge from Mother Nature made for some tough fishing conditions, but things are definitely back to business as usual. We continued to tag multiple Sturgeon caught for the first time this week, which is a great sign that the population is continuing to doing well. We continue to ask all of the anglers sharing our rivers to respect our amazing resource. This week saw some beautiful dinosaurs caught and would like to congratulate some of big catches of the week.

All Greg’s grandson wanted to do when he visited this summer was catch a salmon. The smile on his face says it all!!

The Salmon season has arrived and this was apparent as the first of our trips have had nothing but success. With clients leaving with nothing but sore arms and Salmon for the BBQ everyone left knowing that this year’s salmon run is going to be absolutely epic.

As we now move into September everyone at “Great River” is getting excited about the bi-annual Pink Salmon run around the corner. With an estimated 30 million fish returning up the rivers this is perfect opportunity to get novice anglers and children “hooked” into this amazing sport. We look forward to seeing all our returning and new clients on the river this week!!!

Give us a call at our Sales Office at 778-397-4200 to get more information or to book your next adventure. Limited Space left for the 2011 Fall Season.



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