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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – February 7, 2017

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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – February 7, 2017

Hi and welcome to the GRFA fishing report updated on the 7th of February 2017. We’re half way through one of the coldest winters in recent memory and cabin fever is rampant through out the Fraser River basin.

Jesse Meerkerk caught this STOMPER of a steelhead on the 5th of Feb while fishing the Chilliwack River. Estimated over 20 pounds this truly is a “lifetime” fish. Congrats Jesse!!

Jesse Meerkerk caught this STOMPER of a steelhead on the 5th of Feb while fishing the Chilliwack River. Estimated over 20 pounds this truly is a “lifetime” fish. Congrats Jesse!!

Do not fear, spring will come and with it another season of bounty for the fisher. Having said that… the “Time” is now and there are some fishing opportunities still available for those ardent anglers that need a break from the winter doldrums.

Here’s the low down: The last week saw our rivers dropping hard as the slightly warmer temps, rain and snow melt again gave way to a cold front, bringing the snow elevation down the mountains along with the rivers water levels. Steelhead, searun cutthroat trout and sturgeon are currently the main focus for the local angler.



The Vedder/Chilliwack river remains steady. Water is low, clear and cold. With these conditions most anglers are targeting the mid and upper river as fresh fish are not as likely to push into the lower river until water levels rise. Most fish movement is happening at night so concentrate your efforts in the shallower rifles and tail-outs in the AM and move to the deeper guts as the day progresses. Any bump in water temperatures should activate fish as well, it only takes a degree or two to get these cold blooded creatures to chase your offering. This hold particularly true for the fly tossers who are seeing most of there fish coming in the afternoons.

Robie with steelhead

The Chehalis River is very low and clear. Fish are in the system but still sporadic. This river should see a solid up tick from here on in as it traditionally see’s the bulk of it’s fish in February and March. The canyon  stretch is the place to be in the low water as steelhead blast through the lower end in favour for the deeper pools. Be extremely cautious and always fish with a buddy when targeting the canyon as any wrong step can be disastrous in this steep and deep country.


The Stave River remains constant in flow and temp due to the dam. Not many fish to report yet but the odd early straggler sure to be around.  Watch the tides as these fish move around with it, best usually just after the high as the water turns.


Steelhead are a fabled fish with plenty of lore and mystery surrounding them. These chrome bullets will not only strain tackle to the limits but will test the stamina and determination of the angler pursuing them. Let us help you knock this one off your bucket list. Currently we are offering very affordable half/full day walk and wade expeditions with either drift gear or fly/spey. Also, there are some limited full day jet boat trips available for the angler looking to get away from hustle and bustle.

From novice to expert, our guides are extremely well versed in steelheading.  Whether your looking to catch your first ever steelhead or want the added challenge of taking one with a spey or fly rod, we have the right guides as well as the best gear waiting  for you. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. What ever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.


Cutthroat Trout

Dennis Cuty

The sloughs and back waters of the Fraser River are ice free and fishing. The main stem of the river very clean and visibility is astounding. Although no reports of huge numbers, fish are being caught and should pick up as the season progresses.

The Harrison and Stave Rivers have been tough as of late. There have been a few fish around but not to standards. Look to this system as we get closer to spring and the salmon fry hatch.

Most anglers are targeting cuttie’s with light fly gear. This time of year stick with small leach style patterns or small free swimming style nymph patterns like pheasant tails. Long leaders on floating lines with a very slow presentation being the norm. Look for fish rising, cutthroat are very schooly and even if you just see one riser there is a very good chance that there are a few more with it.  Also cutthroat are very light sensitive creatures and you would be best to concentrate your efforts to low cloud covered days.

Searun Cutthroat with stand, and stay active, in the coldest condition of any known trout. This makes them the ideal mid-winter cure for cabin fever. Novice to expert we can help you dial these little battlers in. We offer half and full day excursions via jet boat or walk in’s for these ghosts of the coast. Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to fill you in.



The Fraser River is still producing fish particularly in the lower river. Ice flows have cleared and the water is very clean. As usual concentrate your efforts around the tide changes and don’t be afraid to fish a little shallower than usual, particularly for the big ones. These fish will come to an array of bait at this time of year. Dew worms coupled with lamprey pieces are an excellent place to start.


What better way is there to spend a clear winter day than sitting in a comfortable covered jet boat waiting on another bite from the almighty sturgeon.  With limited fishing pressure on the river this is a great time of year to get out and experience these dinosaurs of the deep. We offer half and full day outing’s via jet boat with nothing but the finest in guides and tackle. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.



RS Bio Pic

GRFA is excited to announce another addition to our staff!! Rick Stahl has come on board to help manage operations off the water and is here to ensure your adventure is everything you expected. Rick brings a lifetime of local fishing knowledge as well as administrative skills to our team. He has held a guiding license since 1992 and spent over 150 day’s in the field per year for over 20 seasons. Needless to say, he has a very intimate knowledge of the fisheries and quirks that go along with it. Along with that unbridled passion for fishing Rick has managed a plethora of fishing businesses and is very respected with in the fishing community. Please help us in welcoming him into the GRFA family.



GRFA is once again involved with “Chilliwacks All About Fishing” day. This one day FREE event is excellent opportunity for both young and old to come and learn about all things fishing. Along with a host of prizes there will be many local experts to give advice on regional fish and techniques to catch them.  Come and learn about the fish in the Fraser Valley and the conservation methods used to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy these resources .  This event will be held at the Chilliwack Heritage Park on Saturday the 12th of March from 9 am to 5 pm


2016 Chilliwack’s All About Fishing is proudly sponsored by Tourism ChilliwackGo Fish BC and Fraser Valley Salmon Society.

That’s all for now, until next time: tight lines and scream’n reels.



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