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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – April 10, 2018

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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – April 10, 2018

Hi and welcome to the GRFA fishing report updated on the 10TH of April.

April showers not only bring spring flowers but some much needed rain to our rivers. Most rivers systems have felt the recent down pours and have risen somewhat.


Before we get into the fishing we would like to throw a quick THANK YOU to all of those that showed up for the annual Fraser River Clean Up back on the 24th of March. Over 600 people braved the elements and showed up to lend a hand to keep our river pristine and beautiful. Special Thanks go out to Fraser River Keeper who, with the help of Woodtone, the late Andy Rotzetter of Rotz Disposal, and our partners in the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance organized this great and very important event. Also, as a special call out, Kevin Raffle from Woodtone has been instrumental in making this annual event come together and our hats go off to him and his crew for the incredible work they have done.


Another Special call out to Chris Gadsden for receiving the Andy Rotzetter Memorial Award by the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance and Fraser Riverkeeper for exemplary dedication to river stewardship, five days later Chris Gadsden was also named a community achiever by the B.C. Achievement Foundation! What an honor… Gadsden is an avid angler and outdoorsman, and is one of the founders of the Chilliwack-Vedder River Cleanup Society, the Fraser Valley salmon society and the FVIDA along with supporting numerous other conservation organizations. In the 14 years he was involved with the society, he helped oversee nearly 27,000 hours of volunteer work removing over 100 tonnes of garbage from the riparian area of the Chilliwack-Vedder River. The Chilliwack-Vedder River Clean up is happening on the 21st of April, please make plans to attend this worthwhile endeavor (Come on out and give Chris a pat on the back!) and keep our rivers clean and free of garbage; see the bottom of this post for more information.

Now back to the fishing…Here’s the low down:



The Fraser has come up slightly, but the waters have dirtied up quite a bit. This should get the annual Eulachon run going. These are small bait fish (candle fish) that migrate up the Fraser from the saltwater to spawn at this time of year. Although not in the river in good numbers as of yet the sturgeon are definitely anticipating and we have noticed that some of the fish in the mid river are starting to drop down a bit for the up coming bonanza of food.


Sturgeon are now moving out of their cold weather haunts and starting to forage for food. Once you find them, stay close as they tend to stack up real well in the spring and often one does not have move much to get into consistent action. At this time of year a plethora of different baits can work on any given and it wise to have more of an assortment than during the salmon runs. Baits of choice are lamprey, coarse fish, single eggs, dew worms, roe, salmon parts and of course, Eulachons.


Even though the waters have dirtied up the river remains low!! Be vigilant when cruising the river, particularly upstream of the mouth of the Vedder River as there are many exposed and slightly submerged gravel bars that become hazards especially for those that run prop driven motors on their boats.


What better way is there to spend a spring day than sitting in a comfortable covered jet boat waiting on another bite from the almighty sturgeon.  With limited fishing pressure on the river this is a great time of year to get out and experience these dinosaurs of the deep. We offer half and full day outing’s via jet boat with nothing but the finest in guides and tackle. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.


The Vedder River has risen nicely and, as I write this, it is in very good shape. This rise in water has the fishing moving around quite a bit and the late return of fish are still pushing in well with some beautiful chromers to be had. We’re still seeing the odd hatchery fish even, probably a sign of a late over all return.


Water temperatures have also risen and for those keen to try fly fishing for old square tail this is “the” time of year that they will move and chase a swung fly well. Use a heavy sink tip with the biggest intruder you can throw with either a spey or single handed rod and hang on, the bite can be powerful when fishing like this.


For those looking to float fish try using larger offerings such as pink rubber worms and large jigs. Also, as noted, the fish can be apt to chase an offering at this time of year and it’s not a bad idea to have a few Colorado spinners and maybe even a small spoon along.

The river does have quite a few fish that have been in the system for quite some time now and are starting to darken up as they prepare for spawning. Please handle all the wild fish with the utmost of care!! They are our lifeblood and without them our rivers are in big trouble.


GRFA has acquired a 15 foot raft is offering float trips on the Vedder/Chilliwack River NOW!! This is in an effort to enhance the fishing experience and open up water that is difficult to access any other way. Want to knock old square tail of the bucket list? This is your best opportunity…

The peak of the run for numbers and size is through the month of April. We are primarily float and/or fly fishing for the chrome beauties and are using the raft primarily to offer ease of access to the water and most fishing will be still be done from shore. If this is something that interest you please drop Rick a quick email for more info.


April sees one of the last returns of true Spring run Chinook left in BC traverse through the Lillooet River! This is one of the best opportunities to wrestle one of these super special chrome fish. They are free rising and love to smash a swung fly or chase down a spoon. Along with opportunity of hooking a giant slab there are still lots of Bull trout in system as well as Cutthroat to keep you interested in between chinook grabs.


The Lillooet is one of our premier trips and when you get there you will see why. This is a remote fishery that gets very little pressure and requires a skilled jet boater to reach the best waters. The shear beauty and majestic scenery coupled with miles of perfect fishing water makes this one of those bucket list kind of rivers… want to get it out of your bucket? Contact Rick for more info



418369_262952690445486_109681332_nThe Fraser Valley Salmon Society is having its 33nd annual AGM meeting on the 19th of April at the Evergreen Hall here in Chilliwack at 6:45 PM (Doors open at 6 PM). There will be many key speakers and the opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow anglers from all over. Non members welcome!! Come voice your thoughts, continue your support and have a chance to win one of the many door prizes and also a chance to win a guided fishing adventures for Salmon or Sturgeon. *Restrictions apply – you must be a FVSS member to win the guided fishing adventures – or sign up at the meeting.


Adopt A River1The City of Chilliwack has partnered with the Chilliwack/Vedder River Cleanup Society (CVRCS) and the Fraser Valley Regional District for the Adopt a River program, aimed at improving the environment of the Vedder/Chilliwack River through organized, regular cleanup events. Since 2002, the Adopt a River clean up events have collected over 100 tonnes of waste from the Vedder/Chilliwack River shoreline. This event will be held on the 21st of April. Registration is from 8:30 to 9:30 at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. Please make a plan to attend and help keep our rivers debris free and pristine.

That’s it for now. Conserve our waters and here’s to great fishing, forever…




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