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Fishing Report for British Columbia near Vancouver – Another great week

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Fishing Report for British Columbia near Vancouver – Another great week

Another great week of fishing and fun – does it get any better ever?

So when the Steelhead trips all go out and catch fish, the Sturgeon trips all go out and catch fish and the sun shines a little and we have some great Trout fishing and it is only March, no it does not get much better. Thanks to all our guests and friends who visited us this past week to enjoy our incredible fishing area here in south western British Columbia.

BC Fishing ReportMatt, James, Curtis and Ben did most of all the Steelhead trips and whether it was spinning, level winds or spey fishing the boys all knew where the fish were hiding. Having our team out on the rivers daily really makes the difference. The river came up a little and got dirty in the lower area’s below Tamihi but it is cleaned up again and fishing wonderful. Almost everything you want to fish is working, worms, blades and fly’s are all great weapons. The Benny Special version of the tube fly looking like the leech in Purple and Pink was killer. Check out our Facebook page and “Like” us and go see the Steelie pics from the weekend from a few of the trips. Just remember that the river is open to gear fishing for the rest of the month and then turns to fly only May 1st.

Sturgeon fishing cooled down a slight bit from a week ago but it was still great for everyone we had out. Benny lost a huge fish after about 30 minutes and it just decided it didn’t want anything to do with the boys in that boat. We’ll get em next time! I also had the privilege of taking out one of my great friends and his daughter to train them in how to scan, tag and measure and record proper data for the mark recapture program. Chuck has been waiting to be onboard for a number of years. The fishing was a little tough but we were able to get 2 nice virgin fish to go over as samples. Courteney has a new record on the Fraser River for herself and the two of them are now fully qualified to be taggers. Congratulations and welcome to the team! Best baits and area’s this week for us has been near Mission, the Sumas canal and by MacMillan Island and the fish enjoy Lamprey and Eulachon again.

One of the most rewarding parts of what we do is sharing these fishing experiences with families and young kids. We see a real trend in families going fishing and we are proud of the program we are doing to teach all we can to the youth and families we are lucky to have out. Being a part of tagging, scanning and releasing White Sturgeon for the 1st time is something really special and something that will be a memory for a lifetime. We encourage more families to come out and join us.

We have also just finished the 2012 Fishing Forecast – a whopping 27 pages long and with some incredible stories and pictures. This is a load of work to complete every Spring and we would love to send it out to you. If you are looking to come our way this year, it is a wonderful read for all anglers in showcasing our area and all the great fish species. Email us direct if you want a copy.

A note on the Fraser Valley Salmon Society Annual General Meeting last week Tuesday. Great meeting and thanks to all of you who came out to support the FVSS, a memorable presentation by Craig Orr on the Cohen Inquiry was very impressive and appreciated. We are always looking for support and we nominated the Board of Directors for 2012. All Directors stayed on for another year and we now added the youngest ever Board member in the FVSS history. Congratulations to Landon Gill for stepping up and wanting to be involved – no pressure when you get nominated eh Landon…lol. Please support the FVSS and sign up for a membership, only $10.00 per year and what a team of dedicated hard working people.

Trout fishing in the back eddy’s is wild and should be good until the river comes up in the Fraser. The Harrison River will be excellent until June hopefully and this past week is the best we have seen of the year. Going out and hooking these super active hunters is a real rush. Floating lines and #5 rods are the trick. The Pink fry are everywhere so get out soon and enjoy this nice river and all the scenic mountains and bald Eagles still hanging around.

I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks of fishing with friends, family and many returning clients. Also looking forward to having a nice Easter weekend and a little Turkey shared with family coming to town. Another great excuse to get out on the water and chase some of my favorite Dino’s.

Have a great week and we wish all of you a wonderful blessed Holiday weekend and hope you can take the time to be with some close family and friends.

Take someone young out fishing this year and make a real difference to their world and future!

Cheers and great fishing, forever, Dean and the team at Great River Fishing <“)))><




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