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“Dino Hunting” – Hunter’s Record Sturgeon

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Hunter & Family

My Great friends and clients came up in mid August for a visit with my fishing buddy Hunter from Texas – Larry and Ann Fuline have been such good grandparents to invest time to show Hunter a few great trips here in Canada chasing our favourite river Dino’s.

Last year fishing in the Fraser Canyon was really nice and we lost a giant white sturgeon, but got to see it jump. I told Hunter that it is good at least we actually saw the fish, many other times we don’t see what we lost so to see it jump and to be able to catch it another day is a feeling that lasted.

Hunter's Big Sturgeon

With the invite in place from Grandpa and Grandma in Surrey, British Columbia, we all hoped for another great day of angling. I was fully booked and suggested they go with our team guide Jeff Welch. They all went out with hopes for a giant Dino to keep my friends real happy.

The day was a huge success and I received a call about 5 pm that they were into a big Dino and had other great ones during the day. Hunter went at this fish with vengeance remembering from the previous trips what it takes to play and land a record sturgeon.
The reward came with landing this 9 foot Dino and again we are blessed to have a day of miracles….How will this ever be topped is beyond me. But making dreams is reality here with our team and I once again thank all of them personally for coming out for the day and finding such a huge success with Jeff.

Looking forward to many more trips with all of you!!

Please remember to try to use the BC’s Best handling Practices when fishing Sturgeon in our waters….sharing information to others on the river is like being a guardian to our fisheries.

Cheers and great fishing, forever, Dean <“)))><



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