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BC Fishing Report – Deano the Dino back up & Blogging again

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Really excited to be back online and blogging again – it has been a long time and we have been working on our new website which is now launched. We are working through some of the bugs, so please be patient with us. If you are going through our new website take notice that you can “Like” and even “Tweet” our pictures and also you can even +1 our individual pages. We will be having a full time twitter feed that is yet to come on the side of our blog.

We have taken the time to try to include loads of new pictures of our clients from the 2011 season and as mentioned before we will be doing reviews on as many of the last years trips as we can. Trying to keep up with ever changing technology is a hand full for sure and I am truly better at fishing than typing. I also hope to try to keep up with some fishing reports on a weekly basis if possible, one day at a time.

Again I would like to thank all our loyal friends and clients for making the years such a success and our team of amazing Guides for doing such an incredible job on the river. Whether you are a fly fisher, single or double handed Spey, Bar Fishing, Sturgeon fishing or spinning for Trout we have a team of the very best suited to make your adventures a success. Fraser Canyon Trips to Wilderness Trips to the Pitt River or many miles of travel to the Columbia River, we offer something for every angler and every level of angler. A 365 day per year calm water fishing experience, this is something most area’s can never boast.

Right now the Steelheading on the Vedder/Chilliwack Rivers is the best we have seen it in the past 20 years or more. So if this fish is on your bucket list to catch give us a call and our team – Matt, Curtis, Benny, James, Chris or myself will be glad to show you around the river. Lots of good fish in the lower Vedder right now and good success is coming on the Fly rods and also gear with prawns and roe.

Trout Fishing on the Fraser and Harrison Rivers is on fire so get out those 5 and 6 weight rods and pick up a few olive or black wolly buggers or fry patterns as the Pink fry are emerging in good numbers right now. 

Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River is really warming up and the fish are pretty eager to take some great offerings of Roe, Lamprey and Eulachon this past week.  From Hope to Vancouver we have been getting very good reports and our guide team has had many successful trips with happy clients. Please be careful to ensure that larger fish are taken to shore or just released at the side of the boat. There is the new BC Best Handling Practices Guide and everyone fishing White Sturgeon should read these prior to going out chasing these incredible fish. We will be adding these to our Conservation portion of our website in the coming weeks. All in all, go out have fun and remember that we need to think of the fish first. I have done a few shows on proper care and handling last year with our friends at BC Outdoors SportFishing TV and we suggest you view these on Youtube and join in on their forums.

While speaking of conservation, it is always good to know the people in your court and helping to protect your rights as Recreational Anglers. We are involved with the Fraser Valley Salmon Society and would like to see as many as possible of our friends and their friends to visit their website and support such a great cause as well as visit the Facebook Page and “Like” their Page, if you follow Twitter, we are now even Tweeting. This is a Society that was founded in 1984 and has not stopped working in the trenches for so many of us. Please read about the Salmon Society and I urge all of you to sign up as a member today. This is for all our best interest and the future of fish and opportunity too.

I think this is enough for the 1st post and I am thrilled to be back up and running and also excited and hope you enjoy our Blog and stay tuned for the season.

Please be sure to Socialize with us on Facebook as we are trying hard to reach 5000 “Like’s” by time the month of March ends.

Most of all go fishing and better yet, take someone else fishing and teach them how great and wonderful our Province of BC really is. When we say the “Best Place on Earth” we mean it, come and visit and see why.

Cheers and great fishing, forever, Dean <“)))><

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing March

Sturgeon Fishing with Judith and Lorne on the Fraser River



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