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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – August 13, 2019

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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – August 13, 2019

Hi and welcome to the GRFA fishing report updated on the  13th of August 2019.

August is here and with it we start to see the shortening of days and the first signs that autumn is right around the corner. This is the time that fisher people of all sort start to get excited here on the west coast…


Water levels remain higher than normal for this time of year as rains up the north coast and interior have been heavy at times. This means that we’re still fishing it like post freshet and anchoring in our high water spots and areas. Having said that the water is coming down a little every day and we should be prime shape in no time.


Water temperatures have stayed ideal and the fish are feeling active enough to hold in some strong currents. Heavier weights have been the key in some situations as often we are anchoring as close to the fast seams as possible and then chucking out into the heavy water. Lighter weights are often rolling and some fish could be missed as they dislodge the weight easier and everything moves on them before they can really eat the bait.


The river has a healthy number of salmon in it (but remains closed to sport-fishing for them) now and the Sturgeon have switched their attention to salmon parts and Roe. Having said that do not forsake the tried and true summer baits, like Lampreys and coarse fish, as every day seems to be different.


The Canyon continues to produce both numbers and size.  It’s dropping fast and the fishing is getting faster, it has been ultra-steady with good numbers of above average fish coming on every charter. If you are thinking of running this special piece of water keep in mind that is very “heavy” water and not for the timid or unexperienced jet boater. Please be very careful!! The canyon is a high water fishery and the sturgeon haunts are not always obvious as the water levels tend to hide the really good spots. If you’re interested in trying your hand at biggest of the big in one of the most spectacular venues in the world drop Rick a line and he’ll be more than happy to help organize one of our Ultimate Fraser Canyon Sturgeon trips with you.



What better way is there to spend a warm summer day than sitting in a comfortable covered jet boat waiting on another bite from the almighty sturgeon.  With limited fishing pressure on the river this is a great time of year to get out and experience these dinosaurs of the deep. We offer half and full day outing’s via jet boat with nothing but the finest in guides and tackle. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.

Pitt River:
They’re HERE! The much anticipated run of salmon have entered the river and the fishing has been good. Keep in mind though that if you are thinking of running the Pitt with a jet boat it is a shallow water river and can be dangerous for unexperienced jet boaters. Don’t let the color of the water fool you, the river is low even though it is quite green at the moment.


Fish have been scattered throughout the river and there are still quite a few to come as the lake is holding many. They do not seem to be stacking up like they have done for the last few years so this makes every hole a new possibility for a fish or two. Most anglers are swinging larger intruder style flies on heavy sink tips with spey gear. Having said that it, it is hard to be the almighty spoon and spin combo which is absolutely deadly this time of year.


Great River Fishing Adventures guides have many years’ experience fishing the Upper Pitt River watershed and are knowledgeable about the area and effective techniques to target all species. As Jet Boats and experienced boat handling skills are required to access and fish this river, you rarely see other anglers, and more importantly this area is not overfished. It is truly an adventure that is easily accessible within a day from Vancouver. For a free personalized quote please drop Rick an email at

Vedder River:
We have seen both Chinook and Sockeye through out the system now with some concentrations in the middle stretch below the crossing. Keep in mind that the sockeye are a non-targeted species and should not be removed from the water! If you do happen to catch one please release them carefully and unharmed. They are a species of concern and we need to do our part to ensure that they will be able to thrive as they once did.

If you see chinook rolling and showing themselves stick it out, they can turn-on at the drop of a hat. Sockeye will also show themselves a lot but are typically much smaller and just boil where as chinook will sometimes leap clear of the water or at least get their heads out and their obviously a much larger fish… We have heard of Chinook being taken on jenssen eggs, wool and roe, and the odd one on the fly. Fish are biting best during low light conditions. Concentrate your efforts to first and last light or cloudy days.


GRFA is once again offering Raft Fishing Adventures on the Vedder / Chilliwack River. This is an awesome way to fish the river with no hiking required as you silently drift along with the current all the while having all the amenities you could need right in the boat.  Relaxing and peaceful these trips are one the best ways to access miles of river that otherwise would require long hikes and opens up water that is typically tough, if not impossible to get on. For more info drop Rick an email

That’s it for now. Conserve our waters and here’s to great fishing, forever…






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