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Why Fishing Works

Imagine pulling up to the river just as the sun peaks over the mountains. Awaiting your arrival are the guides and their custom jet boats, ready and excited to show you an incredible day on the water.

Departing, you accelerate, and within seconds, you are heading off to the best Sturgeon fishing grounds in the world. The guide takes you to THE spot and strategically lowers the anchor to position the boat. You see a big one roll on the surface…. you know they’re there!

Then it happens, the gentle pull on the rod, you set the hook!  In amazement, you feel an incredible amount of weight, and then the line starts cutting to the surface…the guide points and yells…”it’s coming out, it’s coming out!” Right then, the most incredible display of brute force and raw power as an 8ft, 300lb Sturgeon EXPLODES from the water less than 15ft off the boat. An epic battle ensues. After a thrilling 45 minutes, you land your trophy in the shallows. Success! The cameras start clicking and its smiles and high fives all around! You tell yourself, this is AMAZING…. The trip of a lifetime. You know that you will never forget it!

What would happen if you shared this experience with a client or employee?

It’s simple. Using fishing trips as loyalty or incentive programs will help you establish relationships with your key clients and employees.

Today’s market trends confirm that people are in search of meaningful experiences over physical possessions. Great River Fishing Adventures has recognized this increasing trend and we have made it our objective to create an adventure experience unparalleled by any other.

We understand that spending time with your guest is of utmost importance. To that end, we take care of everything for you from beginning to end.

  • As a business, is customer loyalty or customer satisfaction more important to you?

    A loyal client is always better than a satisfied client, because a loyal client is less likely to switch to a competitor.

    In business, retaining client loyalty has proven to be invaluable.

    1. Selling more to existing customers is easier and less expensive for you, than finding and selling to new ones.
    2. Loyal clients tend to buy more, and buy more regularly.
    3. They give your business secure revenue streams.
    4. Raise the value of your business.
    5. They will frequently recommend your business to others.

    Clearly, it is worth the effort and capital to build and maintain client loyalty programs.

    Great River Fishing Adventures has designed adventures that offer you a unique opportunity to share an unforgettable experience with your key clients and allow you to establish solid relationships and the creation of a loyal client.

  • Loyalty & Incentive Programs Increase Net Profits

    An incentive program is a strategic plan used to promote or encourage specific actions that can attract and retain your clients if used effectively.

    Once you master the art of understanding your clients it is simple to recognize the importance of creating a relationship-oriented culture with an incentive or loyalty program that offers great value rather than discounts.
    Give an Experience They Will Never Forget, While You Get a Return on Investment
    An adventure experience with Great River Fishing Adventures has an intangible worth to your key clients and employees that can significantly outweigh their actual cost. Cash and merchandise are great, but they do not provide a significant impact, and appreciation of these incentives quickly fades and is forgotten.

    Employees don’t want to brag about the big cheque they got and your clients probably won’t talk about that round of golf you played last Wednesday for long. However, they are eager to display trophy fishing awards and photos for others to see. They will find themselves easily prompted (or not prompted at all!) to recall highlights of an unforgettable fishing experience. Who can resist the tale of “the one that got away”, or in your case, the one you landed?

    Great River Fishing Adventures leads the way in providing a stage to actualize your key client and employee loyalty and inventive programs.

  • I Have an Incentive Program But is there a Return on Investment?

    A strange pattern occurs in most businesses today. When economic times are good, companies launch incentive programs to reward clients and employees. These programs create a positive energy that encourages competition, team play, and results.

    However, during economic slumps, these same companies quickly disassemble their incentive programs and re-evaluate their direction. Budgets once approved without hesitation, are eliminated or severely reduced. Budgets for incentive programs are easy targets for cuts.

    Despite the overwhelming proof of the power of incentive and loyalty programs, some companies have been slow to incorporate them into their arsenal of business tools.

    Many companies are not using ROI methods effectively because they simply look at a program as an end, rather than in terms of actual short-term and long-term investments. Incentive programs are viewed as a commodity that needs to be negotiated and as such, the process turns into a contest for the best price, not the best risk and return.

    It is imperative that continuous research, analysis and measurement are at the heart of every well-designed incentive program. Whether a company’s goal is to increase sales, boost employee performance, or strengthen key client relationships, a well tracked incentive program can generate serious results than can be tracked..

    Focus on the incremental revenue and expense projections that result from the incentive program, not the program’s costs. Return on Investment sales incentive and recognition programs deliver results where they help draw attention to organizational values and drive the behaviors that contribute to results.

"We wanted a program that would tie our customers to us for life, not just for slow periods."

“If you view your incentive program as a cost, it will really cost you. It should be viewed as an investment to increase net profits.”

“Cash incentives to my staff became expected rather than tools to motivate them. Fishing really works and allows me to spend face to face time with my staff away from the office.”

“Great River Fishing Adventures came at me with an opportunity that I could incorporate annually as part of my customer incentive program. We measure the success of the program and how much it actually increases the bottom line. This fishing trip will continue to be a big part of our business as long as there’s fish in the river."

Teambuilding Fishing Trips

corporate-fishingDo you want to engage in an exhilarating activity while creating a sense of “team”?
In a team-oriented environment, a continuing challenge for team leaders is too come up with new and innovative ways to instill motivation and a sense of “team” within workplace.

A well-planned fishing adventure with Great River Fishing Adventures will bring the people you employ a strong sense of direction, a powerful feeling of belonging, and a guarantee to have some fun. Providing the opportunity for your employees to work together during an adventure experience will instill a sense of teamwork that cannot be obtained by any other type of teambuilding event.

You will achieve more in one day on the water, than in a week in the office.

The long-term effectiveness of a successful team building event is enhanced when you annually incorporate it in the overall company structure.  We can help you plan an annual teambuilding program that fits with your organizational goals and strategies.

A Teambuilding Adventure They Will Never Forget

On Side Restoration’s teambuilding adventure with Great River Fishing Adventures was filled with tons of excitements, laughs and great memories made.  In June 37 team members came out for the event and at the end of the day all left feeling rejuvenated and with a new sense of “team”.

“The photos and text messages that went back and forth that day amongst our group was hilarious. They were all trying to out fish each other and this comradery was exactly what we were hoping for – so a huge thank you to you and your crew!”


Quality, Face-time

Hilti Canada uses fishing as a means for gaining valuable face time with their key clients. While they are catching monster Sturgeon they get an opportunity to be involved in a moment that neither will never forget. Hilti Canada recognizes that these types of bonds between the sales team and their clients cannot be built in traditional incentive activities like golf. It is funny now that when our sales personal call their clients they are always available and eager to talk.

“All in all, every one of our account managers really enjoyed their outings, and more importantly, the quality, one-on–one time they got to spend directly with their clients.”

Corporate Packages

Great River Fishing Adventures has designed the ultimate corporate packages that allow you to receive the best value and the most convenience.  Our number one priority is offering you the flexibility to choose a package that best accommodates you and your clients needs.

If you want to host a single-day event or spread your trips across the year
… we can do that.

If you have a special client coming into town and want to take them out
…we can do that.

If your staff needs a day away from the office to re-focus
…we can do that.

Many of our clients view our packages as they would season tickets to a sports team.  The flexibility to use your trips as your needs change is a unique feature of these packages.

Great River Fishing Adventures Corporate Fishing Packages

For more information on our corporate packages of if you are interested in designing a corporate event to meet your unique needs please feel free to contact our sales team.

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