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Great River Fishing Adventures provides you with choice and flexibility! We operate our adventures year-round.

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At Great River Fishing Adventures we have designed the ultimate one-day adventures that guarantee an experience full of excitement, challenge and great memories. Each of our trips is uniquely tailored to fit your needs and fishing preferences.  We offer 4-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour options, all of which have their own unique advantages.

Full-Day Guided Fishing Adventure

This is by far our most popular fishing trip and is a great way to experience an exhilarating day on the river.  The longer duration will allow that extra time and advantage to catch your next trophy fish and explore more than one of our spectacular locations.

MORE time, MORE variety, MORE fish..It’s simple math.

6-Hour Guided Fishing Adventure

This trip is perfect if you need to get out fishing but have limited time in your schedule.  This trip is ideal for families with younger children who, as we know, can sometimes have a very short attention span.  The trip is similar to the 8 hour adventure; however with the allotted time we concentrate on targeting one species in order to guarantee success.  During our peak fishing seasons, we will target multiple species upon the guests’ requests.

4-Hour Guided Fishing Adventure

Sometimes schedules only allow for a short adventure  Planned at the right time of the year, this can be a great trip  for a short introduction to our fantastic fisheries.  This is a great trip for a short teambuilding session, employee incentive program or just simply a unique venue for a meeting with key clients.

Multi-Day Guided Fishing Trips

For those anglers that are able spend more time with us on the river, we have designed some spectacular multi-day adventure packages. Great River Fishing Adventures encourages taking advantage of this opportunity if you want a chance to experience a variety of fishing locations and the ability to target multiple species.

Great River Fishing Adventures is proud to offer first-class transportation services and several choice accommodations through our working partners, who align themselves with our driving values of service and hospitality. Together, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience during your visit. Starting from your arrival, right through to your departure, we take care of all the details, so you can focus on why you are really here….to fish.

Depending on your fishing preference and the time of the year, we will ensure that you are situated at the best accommodation to minimize your travels to the fishing grounds each morning. The morning starts will guarantee the maximum amount of time on the water and the opportunity to play more fish.

For those groups that would like to take the experience to the next level we have our wilderness remote camps. The two seasonal camps, situated in the Lillooet River and Fraser River Canyon, provide you with a true outdoor experience like none other. These trips allow you to escape the everyday stresses of life and enjoy a true wilderness getaway. Besides spectacular scenery and fantastic fishing, you will also be fortunate to enjoy our chef catered meals and comfortable wall tent camp.

Custom Guided Fishing Trips

For those clients that would like to create their own adventure, Great River Fishing Adventures encourages you to work with us to develop the trip of a lifetime. We have complete flexibility to accommodate any schedule and any request (subject to availability). If you are just passing through Vancouver or are here to fish for a week or two, our expert sales team will help you create your own unique adventure.

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