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Lillooet River Fishing – Fly-Fishing on a River Lost in Time


North West of Pemberton the Lillooet River starts to flow south for almost 200 kilometers before reaching its mouth at the head of Harrison Lake. Once a bustling passage way for gold seekers heading for the Cariboo; this area is a land forgotten in time and a fly-fisher’s dream. The fish here are some of the most magnificent on the planet; wild, aggressive, plentiful and BIG.

Wilderness Day Trip Less than 2 Hours from Vancouver

The Lillooet River hosts three different species of trout both resident and sea-run varieties alike. Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout dominate the lower river through the late fall, winter and early spring.

The most amazing feature of this wilderness adventure is that it can be done as a day trip about an hour and forty five minutes east of Vancouver. You will travel up the river via one of our custom  river jet boats and in just over an hour you will find yourself seemingly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by magnificent glaciers and pristine wilderness.

Lillooet River Wilderness Fishing Camp

If one day in the Lillooet River is not enough you might want to take advantage of our Wilderness Fishing Camps. Nestled in a secluded spot on the bank of the Lillooet River, the Lillooet River Camp is a remote wilderness wall tent camp with separate guest, guide and eating quarters. Staying at the camp allows you the opportunity to fish above the canyon on the Lillooet River, an area not accessible by one days fishing. So, for the prime-time weeks we will be running our Wilderness Fishing Camps for those anglers who want to take their Lillooet River Canyon trip to the next level.
Learn more about our Wilderness fishing camp packages.

Big Trout of the Lillooet River

Fishing on the Lillooet River begins in the Fall as the Trout begin to feast on the bounty of salmon eggs as the salmon make their annual return. As the Trout gorge themselves and add to their girth it is not uncommon to catch Bull Trout nearly ten pounds, Cutthroat Trout and Rainbow Trout up to 6lbs in size and Dolly Varden up to 8lbs. Throw in a couple of hours in the morning chasing Coho Salmon and you will experience what a day on the Lillooet during the Fall Season has to offer.

Truly Wild Lillooet River Steelhead

With the ending of winter and the lengthening days of spring, the river acquires two new arrivals. The first of which is the unrivalled champion of sport fish in the North West: The mighty Steelhead. Sought by anglers across the globe for their incredible fighting abilities and sheer beauty, the pure and wild Steelhead of the Lillooet are prime representatives of this magnificent species of fish. They are BIG, aggressive and we know where they live.

Big, Aggressive Chinook Salmon of the Lillooet River

Starting their migratory run during the month of March these Chinook Salmon start to show up in numbers around the first week of April and will continue pouring through the river until June. Black mouth, Kings, Springs or Chinook, no matter what you call them these fish are big, mean and more aggressive than any other run of Chinook you will ever encounter. Fresh from the ocean and still five months away from spawning these fish are prime specimens and guaranteed to be the brightest, hardest, most chrome Chinook you have ever seen. As one customer says “these fish are so clean you can see their hearts beating.”

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