Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing


At Great River Fishing Adventures we fish in the most magnificent waters British Columbia has to offer. From fly fishing for Sea-Run Bull Trout on the Upper Pitt River, chasing Rainbow Trout on the Harrison River or drifting dry fly’s for Cutthroat Trout on the Lillooet River we will work with you to create your next ultimate Trout fishing adventure. We fish both rivers and lakes offering you variety and a new experience each time you visit. Trout fishing is year round with several peak periods when fishing is spectacular.

Cutthroat Trout

One of the prettiest trout you will ever come across, Cutthroat Trout are splendid light tackle sport fish available on our rivers year round. These fish are fresh from the ocean entering the rivers on the feeding bonanza that the minnows of the salmon offer in the spring. Most of this fishing is surface orientated and is quite intense at its peak. Cutthroat Trout average from 13″ to 18″ in size with larger specimens over 20″. They are a very scrappy fish that show an incredible ability to shake the hook. Although challenging to land, Cutthroat trout are very aggressive feeders, allowing anglers a wide variety of choices when it comes to presentation and choice of equipment. Cutthroat Trout fishing is guaranteed to offer you an incredible day on the river and will want you want you coming back for more.

Rainbow Trout

This is one of B.C’s most famous and exclusive fish and each year a huge pilgrimage of fly anglers invade B.C.’s water to try their hand at one of the hardest fighting rainbow trout in the world. Rainbow Trout are one of the most acrobatic fish around, they are known for powerful runs, big leaps and are always up to a good battle. Rainbow Trout are plentiful in most lakes and streams in British Columbia, the average size of our rainbow trout is 12 to 20 inches depending on the system fished. Join us on the river and experience a trout adventure like none other.

Sea-Run Bull Trout

Increasingly rare in the rest of the world, B.C. boasts one of the strongest populations of bull trout. These fish are feisty and their size range’s tremendously as one fish could be 14 inches and the next 14 pounds. They hammer the fly and use their large size and strength to give you a fight you won’t soon forget. The sea run fish go out to the ocean for 2 – 3 months and return when they are at the peak of their size and strength. Another fantastic reason to target these fish is the pictures and rugged rivers that they decide to call home.


Wilderness Fly-Fishing for Trout


Pitt River Trout Fishing

We are lucky enough to have one of British Columbia’s best kept secrets just outside our back door, the Pitt River. Located just a 40 minute drive from Vancouver, this isolated location has no road access and is only accessible by float plane or Jet Boat. Difficult access means no crowds. The Upper Pitt River is located at the North end of Pitt Lake, the largest tidal lake in North America. The resident trout are all wild stock – and incredibly beautiful. Strong populations of resident trout and sea-run Bull Trout are in the river year round.

Lillooet River Trout Fishing

This river offers a unique opportunity for those looking for adventure. Getting there is half the fun, we either run jet boats across Harrison Lake then jet boat up this narrow shallow river or we fly you in via Helicopter. The Lillooet River offers good angling for Cutthroat trout and Rainbow Trout alike. Great wildlife viewing opportunities for Bears, Deer, Eagles and the occasional Grizzly also await you.

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