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Vancouver and Fraser Valley Fishing Report for September 9, 2012

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Vancouver and Fraser Valley Fishing Report for September 9, 2012
Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

VP of Sales and Marketing Matt with his family for the Long Weekend

It has been a while since I have put anything together for the Dino Blog and I have to tell you, I have really missed writing. With the record fish and the busy season underway I am hoping the nice Fall incoming fish and nice weather will keep me inspired to stay on top of the blog.

Fraser River Fishing with Hunter and the Family

Hunter and the Family land a monster

Fishing has been challenging these past few weeks in all area’s of the Fraser River, but we have finally now seen a wave of Chinook come into the Fraser so the weeks to come should be much better. We have a lot to look forward to with the Coho, Chum and more Chinook to be caught on the fly, bar fishing and with spinning gear. We are now seeing the South Thompson Chinook which are mainly red Chinook and this is when we see some great fish over 50 pounds get landed. This next 3 weeks will be the peak of the migration and is usually incredible opportunity for all anglers. Please remember that as of this report there is a bait ban on the Fraser River “Red Zone” is in effect to protect the migrating Interior Coho to build the stock group up.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing with Tony and the Crew

Tony and the Crew Showing off their catch

Sturgeon fishing is definitely picking up and we are seeing some good results from the lower Fraser from Mission to Vancouver with some real hot fish. Curtis had a  couple of 12 fish days back to back and Jeff had some great fish on the weekend with 2 over 7 feet.  Main baits this time of the year have been salmon parts, roe and personally I have been doing well on Eulachon.  I’m looking forward to the next weeks we have many returning guests coming from around the globe and it always seems like a family reunion from now until mid November. I get a chance to fish with a good friend Istvan and his guests from Hungary in another week so we are hoping that the Sturgeon are really biting well. We have had many new clients come out this summer for the Fraser River Canyon experience and this has been a real hit with some great fishing, views and wildlife. Many first time Sturgeon Virgins that are now converted to Sturgeon addicts and planning even longer trips with our team in the next years. There are only so many great Fraser canyon dates available each year as we limit the guests days there. Let us know and we can get you booked in for what is in my eye’s another wonder in the world.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Nice Shot of a dino!

A special moment for me personally was a day I was fishing with the Dennin Family in the Fraser Canyon and we were taking a larger fish to shore and were met by my good friend from Yale, Chief Robert Hope of Yale First Nations. The Chief gave all the visitors from California a nice talk on how important the Sturgeon has been for their people over the generations and the hope to rebuilding the stock for the future and praising our work with conservation. This was very thoughtful and we appreciated him taking the time to share his wealth of knowledge on his traditional land and fishing area.

Trout Fishing in the Pitt River

Mario and the Family show off a beautiful Bull Trout

The one fishery that was a true highlight for returning guests and new comer anglers this season was the successful months on the Pitt River. Our team of guides worked hard again this season to be on this river over 25 days per month and knew every run intimately. The river was very challenging to run this season with all the changes in its path but it turned out to be the most successful one in years. Our returning guest Giles, his boys, Martin and Johnny, Peter and Audrey and so many others shared some of the best Sea run Dolly and Chinook fishing on the fly. We caught and released some Chinook over 35 pounds that were Chrome bright and had fresh sea lice on them. If you are looking for dates for the Fall Coho run on the fly, let us know as we only have a few spots available in our schedule. Days are also filling up for prime time in 2013 so if you want to experience and incredible jet boat ride, true wilderness fly fishing with expert guides, give this amazing river valley a go.

Pitt River Trout Fishing

Nice catch on the Pitt River

So all in all lots of good to report and lots to look forward to with upcoming fishing opportunities this Fall for all fishing enthusiasts. We always look forward to the long weekend being over and the river slowing down with anglers. The river becomes a haven for fishing opportunity and watching the sun rise and set out there is magic to me.

Pitt River Salmon Fishing



Lastly a mention needs to made about a good friend and community leader of Chilliwack that has recently passed. Mr. Gwyn Joiner was a true outdoors man who gave back and cared for the future of all aspects of fishing and hunting in Beautiful British Columbia. An honorable man who stood up for all he believed in – personally I am going to miss him along with so many more others who have been lucky to have spent time with him over the years. Our deepest warm thoughts go out to his family and close friends.


Tight loops, lines and remember that conserving for the future is the key to fishing for all the youth in the coming years. If we all do our part we can really make a difference.

Cheers and great fishing, forever, Dean <”)))><




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