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The Concrete Cutting Boys go Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

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The Concrete Cutting Boys go Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing with the Concrete Cutting Boys

Fly Fishing, Fishing trips, Chilliwack, Vancouver, Fraser River, SturgeonWe were thrilled to have another local company out fishing last week and one of the client was a long time friend of mine Ed Ruffles from Allcuts Concrete Ltd. Ed brought his crew of workers for the day to chase some Dinosaurs and we have had this trip in the plans since late 2008. Ed is very familiar with Sturgeon fishing; he has his own boat and spends lots of time on the river. For his crew they were 1st timers and were eager to hook up on some good fish and to see what all the talk was about with the tagging and mark recapture program for these incredible fish.

It was a nice weather day, a little cloudy but no rain, we headed out from Chilliwack and drove downstream towards Mission. There were a few other boats out near Strawberry Island so we went down a little further towards Dwedney Slough area. We dropped anchor and talked about the fish and I explained that since the program started in1995 over 16 years ago, we have now scanned to boats and sampled over 90,000 White Sturgeon in the Lower Fraser River in Region 2. We have also collectively tagged now over 47,200 virgin fish and have over 31,000 recaptures.

Vancouver Fishing, Fraser River, Fish Chilliwack, Sturgeon, Fishing TripsThe crew was marveled at the numbers but enough said they were eager for a hook up. We had to move a few times and then settled by the Crane and got our 1st bite about 10:30 am, it was a good fish and started to take line and even jumped for us. We landed the fish and it was around 5 feet long, we brought it into the cradle and began the processing. I had the crew scanning and measuring and writing down all the information. This was a recapture and as we had this one in the cradle another rod got a bite and we were hooked up again. We did our processing, grabbed a picture and sent the fish out unharmed back to be caught again.

Sportfishing for White Sturgeon in a study done in 2005 showed a less than 1% mortality rate on these hardened fish – this bears well with the amount of recaptures over the years and one fish in the program has been recaptured now 13 times. This is a fabulous Sportfishing experience when you are with companies that tag and release Sturgeon.

Vancouver, Fraser River, Sturgeon, Sturgeon Fishing, Charters, ChilliwackAfter another fish in the 3 foot range we made a few moves that resulted in no more fish so we moved up to the Vedder Canal area of Devils run where we managed to hook up on 2 more fish for the day and everyone in the boat got a chance to see and feel some real living Dino’s. There were a number more good chances but again to hook and land 4 fish for the day and to hang out with my long time friend Ed and his crew, was another day in the life of a Fishing Guide that will be cherished.

Lets go Fishing, Deano <“)))><



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