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Rory’s Family Adventure for Sturgeon in the Fraser Canyon

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Rory’s Family Adventure for Sturgeon in the Fraser Canyon

Rory’s Family Adventure for Sturgeon

Yale, Fraser, Fraser Canyon, Fraser River, Sturgeon Fishing, Great River, VancouverI was in Edmonton when I received a call from one of our Sturgeon Fishing addicts Rory from Red Deer, Alberta. It was break up in the Oil patch and Rory wanted to bring out his family for a few days fishing. Rory has been out many times in the past 6 years or more and I have really enjoyed my days fishing with him.

This trip was to be not much different other than he was bringing along his Grandson Levi and was going to fishing with his newly relocated to British Columbia daughter Michell.


Sturgeon, Fraser Canyon, Fishing Trips, Vancouver, White Sturgeon,Fishing ChartersI took this opportunity to suggest we go up and chase some Dino’s in the Fraser Canyon, as Rory has not had a chance to see this area on any previous trips. The river levels were high but good and also stable for safe navigation.

Day 1 we travelled from Hope to just before Saddle Rock and they all loved the sights and the weather was good to us. I was able to show them and talk to them about early travellers that paddled up to Lady Franklin Rock and seeing this water raging around Deadman’s eddy was very interesting to them. Many traditional dry racking area’s still used by First Nations and some of their fishing sights we travelled through were marveled at. Feeling a part of  the unchanged rock canyon is sometimes what I love about sharing this with others.

Sturgeon Fishing, Hope, Chilliwack, Vancouver, Fraser, Fraser River, SturgeonWe started off our fishing in Yale at the Big eddy and soon after baiting up and casting out we were greeted by a fish jumping right beside the boat and it was all of 9 feet long. Now that is some way to get excitement going for the day ahead.  We had a number of bites in many locations throughout the day but the fish were only picking up the bait and not committing well.

We finally ended up at Hawkeye Point just upstream from Emory Creek and found some committing fish that were willing to bury the rod tips. We were hooked up on the first fish of the day and it jumped twice and was just over 5 feet long. As we were going over the mark recapture procedures with scanning, measuring the fish we get slammed on another rod, we are feeling we dropped into the right spot. Seeing the incredible area and getting to hook up on a few fish was a special thing for Rory to share with his Daughter and Grandson.

Vancouver, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Sturgeon Guides, British Columbia, Hellobc, FishingLooking forward to the years to come these are experiences that will be cherished and talked about many times I am sure. Over the course of the two days it was evident that the fish really did not want to cooperate well but we had some great chances and got to visit and see some of the most scenic portions of the Fraser Canyon all in the that very few ever get to see and enjoy like we did. Two days where we seen no other boats and enjoyed the true peace of being at one with the river.

Rory and I still have a date with some big fish and I look forward to our next adventure together.

Come join our team to show you and your family how incredible this area is and all the history that surrounds the Mighty Fraser Canyon.

Friends, fishing with friends and family fishing with family, now thats special, Dean <”)))><



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