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New Report for Fraser River and other Fraser Valley Rivers

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New Report for Fraser River and other Fraser Valley Rivers

Fraser River Fishing report for the “Great Outside” Chilliwack British Columbia

Well another week of fishing and more water….did I say more water? We were able to get in our 1st days in the Fraser Canyon this past week and what a thrill to be up there again. Yes, the water was moving at about 6.50 meters per second and the water went up almost 5 feet from when we left on Saturday to when we went back on Sunday. It was a thrill for our friends and clients fishing with my best buddy Keith Rae from ” Get Hooked Fishing Adventures” from Edmonton Alberta. Keith has been coming on adventures with his clients from Edmonton with our team for a number of years, I believe this is his 7th season and he is definitely “Hooked”. Truly great friendships and relationships are formed. Many new anglers and enthusiast come each year to try their hand at this most addicting fishery. Lots of debris and leaves and pine needles on the lines but we endured and caught some nice fish for the 1st time Sturgeon anglers. Looking forward to this week the river has been dropping slightly and the fishing has stayed strong in the Canyon, mid Fraser (Mission to Hope) and the Lower Fraser from Mission to Vancouver. Seals were everywhere from Mission to Vancouver which means nothing other than strong runs of Eulachon migrating up the Fraser River. Eulachon is good numbers mean great early food for the Sturgeon and if you were on these area’s there were rewards in catching.

Women Fishing, Sturgeon, BC Fishing Guides, Fishing Trips, Fraser Canyon, HopeThe Fraser River fished real well in the Vedder Canal area for Sturgeon on all baits so just when we thought Eulachon was the ticket they are really eating roe and lamprey this week, you know what they say by “a change is always good”. Some solid numbers were caught towards Mission as well near Cox’s Station in the mossy rock 2 area as well as by the beach out front of the Hatzic Slough. In the Lower Fraser we had great luck in the Beaver Creek area, bottom of Macmillan Island the Airport and inside of Douglas Island. In the Fraser Canyon it was good fishing but you had to work for your fish and you still had to clean your lines nearly every 10 minutes due to debris. These next few weeks should be really good fishing with the Eulachon run peaking and the water temperature rising, you wait to see these fish flying out of the river soon.  We are very lucky to have such a great lineup of Sturgeon guides on our team again this year. Passion, passion and more passion is what comes to mind, great job out there guys. Check out the full photo gallery on our Facebook page and be sure to “LIKE” our page as we are almost at 5000 likes. Link:

Columbia River, Fly Fishing, Trail, Fishing, Rainbows, Trout, Vancouver, Fishing TripsAnother great fishery that comes to mind again is our Columbia River Fly fishing trips with professional fly casting instructor Bruce Kruk in Trail. The river is up a little but is clean and super fishable with mayfly’s coming off when the sun comes out. So either dry fly fishing or swung fly this is a river that can challenge the best of fly fisher. For a double handed Spey caster this is a river that shines and it is one of my personal favorite to fish each and every year. Check out this fishery and get more of our best personal service anywhere and gain knowledge and skills. Bruce is truly an essential part of community and knows these waters and where the fish live and breathe. If you are considering a trip to the area or if you have a group that would like to experience this area I would be glad to do a host trip with Bruce like we have done many times in the past.

The Vedder River is still open for fly fishing only but the river levels are quite high and that makes it a little challenging for doing trips for us and our guests still. We are hoping we may get a few more casts in over the next few weeks for them Steelfaces but this could really be the end of the season. I must say in over 25 years we have not seen such a strong and long amazing Steelhead season like we have in 2012. So many happy clients with first time catches or numerous catches and happy guides with big numbers bolds well for the upcoming years. The Chilliwack River Hatchery Staff and the Provincial Government deserve a pat on the back for keeping the water flowing and growing such great fish to send out each and every year. We are looking forward to seeing what will be in store for us in late 2012 and 2013 Steelhead season, promising comes to mind.

Harrison River, Rainbow Trout, Fly Max Films, Fly Fishing, Harrison, ChilliwackThe Harrison River is definitely high but there is still so great fishing to be had if you are fishing from the boat. Some of our jet boats were having problems getting under the railway bridge but smaller boats will have no issues. Look in the back bay below the water metering station there is lots of those nomads chasing fry through that back channel area. There is also good numbers of Cutties cruising the edges along the Sandpiper Golf Course where fry are migrating out of the Chehalis system. Should really get another good few weeks in on this river.


Dolly Varen, Pitt River, Vancouver, Fly Fishing, Fishing, Whistler Fly Fishing, Bull TroutLast on the list and maybe the most exciting is the news that the Pitt River is really starting to come into shape now. The river was up a little but now gin clear and ready to fish. There will be a few surprises up there this season with the new obstacles in place from wintering over water levels from Storms. Curtis was up there again yesterday and was really excited to share some good fishing and catching stories. This Sea run Dolly Varden fishery is truly unbeatable on the fly. Our team only offers fly fishing on this pristine water shed and urge others to do the same to respect the incredible fishery from being devastated by anglers spin casting and float fishing single eggs. If people truly care about this last frontier of wild running glacier river braids in the most incredible mountain shed scenery, they will make good choices like our team does. Book up early for prime dates as they go fast and we only have so many guides fishing this each week to keep the experience special for all.

Kwnatlen, First Nations, Fort Langley, Vancouver, Salmon, Ceremony, FishingIn closing I had a great opportunity this past Friday to go to the 1st Salmon Ceremony at Kwantlen First Nations in Fort Langley. I would like to thank the community for their kindness for sharing this with me personally and the nearly 350 others invited. If you can only envision the drumming and dancing of many people who care so much for the surrounding area and the fish for the future. The food was offered to all, traditional smoked Eulachon, cooked and smoked Salmon for all and even bannock bread. I am blessed to have many friends in this community and I am always thankful, cherish and respect this relationship. Long Live the Fish Gods and all of us who believe in them.


Until our next report we hope you consider a few things like joining a group that promotes fishing opportunity for all for the future. The Fraser Valley Salmon Society continues to strive in the right direction and your vote is needed to sustain our efforts to keep fisheries open for all recreational anglers in British Columbia.


Tight lines, loops and big fish for another week, Deano in the office <“)))><



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