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Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing with “Get Hooked Fishing” Group # 1

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Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing with “Get Hooked Fishing” Group # 1

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River with 1st timers from Alberta

Big Game Fishing, Fishing Tournament, Vancouver, Sturgeon, Fishing Charters, GuidesLast weekend on the Fraser River we were thrilled to have a 1st time crew come out from Edmonton, Alberta from our friend Keith Rae at ” Get Hooked Fishing Adventures”. Every year Keith offers his customers a special trip to Chilliwack to fish Sturgeon. This year Keith has 2 groups and two sets of weekend fisherman. Keith Rae was part of the winning team back in 2008 for the 1st ever World Sturgeon Classic and part of the $40,000.00 biggest fish prize. That experience has made him a Sturgeon addict and every year, he can’t wait to get out west to have his fix and to tell as many as possible to join him.



Vancouver, Chilliwack, Sturgeon, Fishing, Fraser River, Harrison River, Fly FishingThis past weekend 4 anglers came (Keith, Darwin, Ron and Jeremy) and they split the boats to have 2 rods in each, the weather was amazing but the fishing on day 1 was slow. We fished from Chilliwack to Mission and it seemed along with the great weather came many boats out for the day. At one point while looking down from the Vedder canal area we counted over 17 boats alone near Strawberry Island – do you think there had been some rumors of fish in the past week there? Yes, there was a pod of good fish in that area but with the water temperature dropping by almost 4F degrees from the day before we knew the fish could be off a little.


Sturgeon Fishing, Fly Fishing, Fish Chilliwack, Fishing Guides, Vancouver, SturgeonThere were not many bites and reports from our other boats and team on the river were not favorable for having a 6 fish or more days for our new clients. We dropped in a number of places where the fishing was good from the day before and it was like the fish would only touch the bait gently and then leave. Finally the fish woke up about 10:30 and Keith managed to get hooked up on his first fish that was just less than 6 feet in total length. Great fish to catch for your first ever and a high bar to set for the day for the others to beat. Setting the hook seemed quite natural for Keith and with the new circle hooks we have been using this is method seems to be perfect for 1st time Sturgeon anglers.


Fly Fishing, Sturgeon, Fraser River, Fish Chilliwack, Vancouver, Charters, GuidesThe day carried on with few bites from all our boats but we did manage to get another nice Sturgeon for Ron that measured 1cm less then Keith’s. Yes it was a tough day of catching but the fishing was brilliant under the sunshine and nearly 24 degree Celcius weather, so the tally was for the 2 boats and trams one fish for Darwin and Jeremy and 2 fish for Keith and Ron.




Fishing, Sturgeon, Fraser River, Chilliwack, Fraser Canyon, Vancouver, HarrisonHoping for a better day on Sunday we took a chance and drove to Mission where we launched and were going to fish down to the Vancouver area.  This area is usually good for Sturgeon as well this time of the year but with the recent drop in temperature and the picky biting fish we had to try our best to see if it was different down there. It was a slow start and we fished first drop near Derby Reach past Ft. Langley, the fish would pick it up lots but again, let go just as we got to the rods. Today the group switched up the boats and guides so I had Darwin and Jeremy and Curtis had Keith and Ron, seemed fair and a good way to meet and get to know all the people on the adventure. We soon moved down river further and finally Curtis hit a good spot near Barnston Island and landed the 1st fish of the day. It was only 10:30 and the 1st fish, so things were looking up for sure. We moved in by Curtis and had bites but could not connect as we watched them hook up another 3 more times. This was a good time to take off and find our own pod of biting Sturgeon. We ended up near the Portmann Bridge in Vancouver and started immediately to get strong pull downs. We connected on another 3 fish and could have hooked up on 10 or more so with all things considered we all had a wonderful day of angling and enjoyed the nice warm British Columbia weather. As for Curtis and his crew for the day, well they had 6 to the boat and the largest was almost 6 feet long. So although water conditions were not perfect, we managed to think outside the box a little work hard on planning and made 4 new Sturgeon anglers have opportunity to scan, measure and tag their very 1st Sturgeon ever. I am now really looking forward to this weekend with my good friend Keith and the other 12 anglers he is travelling with for another weekend of 1st timers.

Friends fishing with Friends and meeting new friends, now that’s fishing <”)))><DW



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