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Fraser River Fishing Report – January 13, 2014

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Fraser River Fishing Report – January 13, 2014

Fraser River Fishing Report – January 13, 2014

Wow where does time go, it’s hard to believe we are now at mid January and I am getting itchy to wet the spey line and see if there Steelhead out there that might want to play.  Trout fishing using all different methods on the back eddy’s of the Fraser River is heating up and also great opportunity to have a family fishing experience.  Sturgeon fishing has stayed consistently great all winter long and we have seen some good fish over 2 meters in the past week that have been still gorged from the fall Salmon season.

Team Guide Ben out testing the waters.  Meow!

Team Guide Ben out testing the waters. Meow!

Most may believe the winter months we are not fishing the rivers but quite the opposite is the truth.  Some of the most consistent Sturgeon fishing can be done in this time frame.  Great River Fishing is part of the ongoing mark recapture study and continues to compile data on White Sturgeon.  Knowing when and where these fish feed and play is something that cannot be just learned by fishing in the 3 seasons of the year.  In fact gathering as much year round data as possible is the key to learning.  The Sturgeon are biting  but you really have to know where and when to target these fish, we have learned the secrets.

To date we have helped to collectively tagged more than 53,000 White Sturgeon in the Lower Fraser River and scanned more than 90,000 which have all been released back in the river to be caught another day. The study has been going on for 19 years now and we have now seen a rise in the population for one of the 1st years ever.

Phillip and Evertt with their 7fter

Phillip and Evertt with their 7fter

Over 84% of all data is supplied by fishing guides and believe it or not only approximately 15% of all licenced fishing guides in our area on this program. Yes many guides take advantage of the fish and what others have done to pave the way for them to have the ability to fish for these incredible fish. Without these efforts of dedicated people and teams like “Great River Fishing Guides” there would be no fishery at all. Research has proven that we can successfully fish for them in a catch and release manner and not have a negative affect on these fish but more so a positive outcome with real numbers and science to back it up with.

Once we receive all our finalized summary of data from 2014 we can confirm that we have caught, recorded and successfully released more Sturgeon than any other company on the Fraser River. Our guides Dave, Curtis, Ben, Jeff, John, Steve, Chad, Matt H., Chuck, Shawn, Marty and in training guides Istvan and Landon, need to be commended on their dedication to the mark recapture program. Without efforts like these we would not keep learning this valuable information that is continually unlocking secrets into the “life and mystery of the White Sturgeon”. Hats off to each and every one of you! I personally can’t remember a year ever when we have hooked and landed so many big fish as well as so many little guys, a diverse population of many different sizes.

Steph with her 1st ever White Sturgeon out fishing

Steph with her 1st ever White Sturgeon out fishing

Great River Fishing guides sample the Fraser River from Vancouver upstream to Yale, we are not fishing in one area. To give clients the best opportunity to see the river and to take in sights throughout our region we offer many options for your Sturgeon days.  If you are not looking in all the nooks and crannies of the river you will never find the diverse amount of information required to give an overall picture to science.  With that gives you the best and most rewarding experience while visiting our area.

In 2013 we have seen more fish that we have not seen in 10 years time, where have these Sturgeon been?  Have they been in the ocean chasing big pods of Salmon, one thing we can know for sure is if they were in the river somewhere we would have sampled them.  Nearly 100 big fish have been noted to show up and been recaptured, all big beautiful healthy fish.  This poses questions and one day hopefully we can unlock the secret, one day maybe we can track some fish with Satellite tags.

There are acoustic tags in a nearly 200 White Sturgeon now and there are readers throughout the river and in the ocean, theses readers have their information downloaded every 3 months and if not mistaken there was a lower river ping rate of 1900 instances in around the Vancouver area for Sturgeon traveling back and forth, more interesting data.

Will, Chad and Adam from North Carolina

Will, Chad and Adam from North Carolina

Important thing to remember when booking you adventure of a lifetime! If you are thinking of a Sturgeon fishing experience, we urge you to do your homework, ask the important questions: Are you part of the mark recapture program, do you scan, tag, measure all Sturgeon to your boat, does your guiding outfitter fish year round, does your company fish from Vancouver through to the Fraser Canyon. If not think what you could be missing out on!

Our team at Great River Fishing Adventures looks forward to the 2014 season and having Sturgeon fishing experiences with clients from all over the world who partake in leading edge research to continue to do all possible for a species that has roamed the earth for over 170 million years! Unlocking and discovering all we can to help to keep this a sustainable fishing opportunity for the future.


We hope to have the opportunity to host you in 2014!

Cheers and great fishing, forever, Dean <”)))><





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