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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 30-01-13

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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 30-01-13

Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 30-01-13

The Fraser River Sturgeon fishing has slowed down a little in the past week and now mirrors to the weather conditions, time of year and water temperatures. That doesn’t mean that the fish aren’t there, it just means that you have to put in some effort to find them. Great River Team guide, Shawn and I went out and did a little filming which you can see here.

Great River Fishing: Fraser River Giant Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon Fishing

Acrobatic Sturgeon

Eulachon seem to be the ticket and we are getting still some action on good roe and Lamprey.  Dave was out guiding last weekend on adventure experiences with clients and had 10 Sturgeon on Saturday and 5 Sturgeon on Sunday, great fun for the clients learning about these prehistoric fish. These months if you are getting out gives you lots of room on the river to try new spots with little or no pressure, practice your anchoring skills and just to simply enjoy the peacefulness of the Fraser River.  Other tributaries like the Harrison River hold good numbers of Sturgeon in spots throughout the river during the winter months.  Fishing from the mouth of Harrison Lake in the deeper troughs, in the Bay by the cemetery, the water metering station across from Chehalis, below the highway bridge and don’t forget the Kilby train bridge to the mouth of the Fraser River.  Learning many different spots to fish Sturgeon and the best area’s at which time of the year allows you to go many different places when the river is busy with other anglers. Thus creating successful catching days and is also satisfying.

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Foggy Day Last Week

Backwaters on the main stem Fraser River is key to great Trout fishing over the winter months. The water is perfect level and clarity now and the Cutty’s will be roaming up and down the river chasing food. We are only a short few weeks away from having fry in the river, when this happens these fish will be alive and epoxy minnows will be the flies of choice.  Right now we still like the smaller fly when targeting cutthroat (size 6 to 10) and sticklebacks and woolybuggers (olive or black). Most don’t realize there is some big Dolly Varden and Bull Trout lurking out there so don’t be afraid to fire out a larger fly like a sculpin or zonker. Even smaller fish seem to have the big bait syndrome and they crush larger fly’s. I personally like the area between Jesperson and Herling Island for fishing, lots of walking but great catching when you find the fish. Many different methods can be used fishing Trout; whether you are float fishing, throwing spoons or on the fly, they are can be very effective. What a great way to introduce kids, family, and friends to a fun fishery, and a great day on the river!

Trout Fishing on the Columbia

Columbia River Fly-Fishing

We are also approaching key times for amazing trout fishing on the Columbia River In Trail, British Columbia.  We have a division of GRFA there. Our team professional guide is Bruce Kruk, a double handed Spey casting distance champion and single hand guru with the passion to give you the best experience on this under utilized river shed. If you have never experienced this fishery it is defiantly worth checking out for a few days fly-fishing. Single and double handed spey water is plentiful. It’s a little slice of heaven to any fly fishing fanatic and one of the best kept secrets, pair this up with a stay at the Best Western Terra Nova that is managed by a great friend of ours, Andrew Rogers. A combination of this great Hotel located only stone’s throw from one of the nicest rivers I have ever fished and you have the makings of an incredible trip! Give the sales team a call and get a spot soon!

Steelheading on the Vedder River

What a chromer!

The Chilliwack/Vedder river system is doing well and the Steelfaces are on people! Our team is having some good success out there right now. With the weather being dry for the last little while the river is clear and low again, but that is all going to change, the rain is coming…(according to the weatherman) That should once again spread some fish throughout. It will also mean that it’s time to change your approach and maybe switch up some of the water you fish. As the clarity changes so should you presentations. Color and size means the difference between catching days and fishing days. Always be aware and keep on top of river temperature, air temperature and clarity and speed of the water. We do notice that more than ever we seem to be caught up on this belief that sitting on the same rock all day will produce fish. Truly we should take a page from the fishers from across the pond – FOR THE LOVE OF PETE PEOPLE! KEEP MOVING! – We fish many days with anglers from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, they all work down the river and then move back up to the top of the pool, this method works over there and gives all anglers a chance to fish each run through thoroughly, this really does work. Not to be rude but what I mean is, once you feel you have covered the water in front of you, take a few steps up or down the river. I use a grid method. I cast out to the farthest water I want to reach, I cover that a few times, then continue to bring it in until I’m satisfied and then move. Steel headers are a different breed altogether. Everyone has a method they think works and that’s great if it does, but if something isn’t working change it up. Don’t be afraid to change whatever it is, your method, your fly, your bait, and your water. To become a better angler it is important to adapt! Remember…to go without change, is to go without progress. Good luck out there and stay safe!

Steelheading on the Vedder River

Letting it go to hopefully be caught again !

Its great to receive your comments and we hope that in doing our report that your fishing days in Beautiful British Columbia will be all that you expect. If you have questions or would like us to write about something specific, please let us know and we will do our best to get you the information needed.

So that’s it for the report for now. As always, pack out what you pack in, and maybe a little extra.


If you have any questions check out DFO Pacific Fishery Notices & Region 2 Summary Page

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Great Adventures!

Steve “Murkywater” Price



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