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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 20-10-12

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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 20-10-12

Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 20-10-12

Man, I love doing these reports when fishing is this good! This is definitely everyone on the team’s Favorited time of year. The Fraser River is in overdrive! This is the best fishing of the year to date. The update on the Sturgeon fishing front is that is it is still on fire, 35 fish days reported…that’s right! 35 FISH! IN A DAY!, with Lots of big fish slamming bait and taking off like runaway freight trains! Ben reports 7, and 9 foot giants! Sturgeon are fattening up right now while there is lots of feed around.

Double Header on the Fraser River

David Coppard and their prize catches.

Fraser river Sturgeon

Scanned, Tagged and Released !

This makes for some “never forget days” out on the river right now. There is just something magical about watching you rod bend from the reel, and the feeling like your trying to reel in a school bus, while it’s in reverse! Just ask our David C Group.

They were a blast, and we look forward to them coming back. They brought in an INCREDIBLE 120 Sturgeon to the boat, a new record for the group, including their biggest fish. Craig, Garry, Grandpa Harry and grandson Conner all did great with their dino’s including a migratory Sturgeon that has been in the ocean in the past 48 hours with sea lice on it! Good job guys! That’s three years in a row for our Commander and Chief, Dean to get a Sturgeon with sea lice in the month of October. Our team guide Jeff Welch continues to surprise, with another amazing catch of a Washington State fish last week. The tag was external, he removed the tag, and then Pitt tagged the fish. We are very excited to find out the information on the initial release and tagging in Washington, which could date back as far as 1996! Baits of choice right now are salmon parts, roe, and stink. Our team of Sturgeon angling experts are banging them right now, so it’s a great time to get out with them and see how we do it Great River style!

Bar fishing, spin casting, Float, fly, and spey are all producing some unreal fish right now in the Fraser River as well. Chinook Salmon, Chum Salmon and Coho Salmon are all hammering hard. The Steven C group from Ireland, has been doing incredible on the spey rods, and says this tops their trip last year.  Welcome to Roy and Viv who are having a trip of a lifetime and have had some amazing teaching days on the fly both single and double handed spey. So whatever you choice we can do it all! Type 11 sink tips, Purple, and pink for the fly types. Big, spoons and flashers for spinning. Roe, red, green, and orange wool, for those of the float persuasion.

Fly-fishing coho salmon on the Fraser River

David and Jeff show off their gorgeous coho salmon!

The Vedder River and Chilliwack Rivers have recovered nicely from the rain. Keep in mind though there is plenty more to come. Plenty of new fish have moved in and the trick is to switch till something works. I was out there today and had some success on roe, and then action slowed to a crawl. I switched up to some orange wool, my next three casts were fish! Let me tell you there are some monster Springs, Chum and Coho lurking in there! Our team has sixth sense for finding these fish. The staples colors are pink, purple, red, orange, green. Spoons and blades are still working.

Salmon fly-fishing

Steve "Murkywater" Price doing some research for the fishing report

The Harrison River is where it’s at! The Chum are BIG and EVERYWHERE! Chum numbers are off the hook! Coho should be thick very soon too. Sturgeon fishing is continually getting better. The water is coloring nicely. This is an Epic trip that everyone should experience. The scenery alone is magnificent, and when you’re latched on to a bullet it only makes it that much sweeter. No one does it like we do it. If you can peel yourself away from your rod and reel…hard I know, but stop for lunch and take it all in! you will be glad you did!  Fly, or spey casting for Chum you’ll want to swing purple marabou’s. If you want to float fish purple, pink, and cerise gigs are good to go. Spinners for Coho are always solid. There is a plethora of fly’s to try for Coho, wooly buggers, and spankers are a good start though. Enjoy!

The report on the Pitt River is good. With the recent rain the water levels are on par. Fly fishing this pristine glacier river shed is a trip that can only be seen to be truly appreciated. That being said. don’t forget your camera! This remote river is a natural spectacle. There is only a three week window of opportunity for the serious fly anglers to enjoy this magical trip. With muffler minnows, flash patterns, and the best fly guys in the business, you have the recipe for success.  I guarantee you will be talking about this trip for years to come! We only have a couple of spots left. Don’t miss out!

Fraser River WildlifeWell ladies and gents, that’s the report! As always, pack out what you pack in and maybe a little extra. Oh, one more thing! I touched on it a bit last week. The water levels are, and have been coming up fast. That means lots of debris, unstable banks, and fast water. Please be careful out there! No fish is worth not coming home! Good luck!

If you have any questions check out DFO Pacific Fishery Notices & Region 2 Summary Page

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Great Adventures!

Steve “Murkywater” Price




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