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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 20-02-13

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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 20-02-13

Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 20-02-13

Fraser River Sturgeon fishing is still producing and we are having some amazing days with clients and friends! Just ask Howard, and Brad who had an 11 fish day with commander and chief Dean at the helm. I was lucky to have the opportunity to tag along and take part in some of the frantic action that happened right from the anchor drop. There was a double header,

sturgeon fishing the Fraser River

Brad, Howard and Dean showing off their biggest of the day 7ft 3″

conservation tagging, and rods bouncing all at once! It was mayhem! Just when we thought the day could not possibly get any better, Brad got hooked up with a 7 foot beast that wanted to test his mettle. As if battling a seven foot Sturgeonwasn’t enough, it managed to get under a snag and make him earn it! After some quick thinking and boat maneuvering Dean got the boys out of trouble, Brad and Howard now don’t have to tell the dreaded “The one that got away” story! One of the coolest things about the whole day was being a part of some of the memories made with a father and son team and two of the nicest guys I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Steve and Howard scanned and tagged this beauty before releasing it

Team guide Dave has been doing stellar out there too.  Derek, Kevin, Brad, and Andrew had an incredible day on the water with Dave hooking in to 11 Sturgeon with the biggest being a 6ft monster.   The last 4 days have seen  3 fish over 6 feet and 12 fish to the boat per day, now that makes some happy and returning clients that will tell many stories for the years to come. These are just a couple examples of the possibilities that are waiting for you in the depths of the mighty Fraser River! Eulachon and Lamprey eels seem to be the best bait right now, and roe is also good standby bait.

Experiencing the fishery not only encompasses Sturgeon Fishing, it goes much deeper than that on our adventures trips. We try to encourage all to be part of the mark recapture program. By getting everyone involved they are engaged, especially families and kids and those who have never been out before, we believe the experience is life changing for many. Right from the minute of hookup to getting the Sturgeon into the cradle, scanning the fish, measuring, keeping our data perfect on the sheets, applying tags if required and releasing fish unharmed back into the wild, everyone likes to feel they have done their part. The released Sturgeon will hopefully be captured again in the years to come so that information can be gathered as to how the fishery is progressing.

Fraser river sturgeon fishing

Deano flying down the Fraser on his River Machine!

We strongly suggest that when booking your Sturgeon fishing experience here on the Mighty Fraser River that you fish with and book with a company that makes conservation of these fish at the forefront. Coming from near or far, young or old, novice or expert, you will go home with an appreciation unlike any other. Book your next fishing adventure with a fishing company that is giving back to conservation measures for the future. The next months are going to be great fishing, so let’s get out there and chase some dino’s!

I also wanted to note that the release of the new STURGEON BEST HANDLING PRACTICES.  You can click here to see the new rules and regulations.  At Great River Fishing Adventures we follow these rules and continually adapt the way we handle the fish to minimize the effect on these magnificent creatures.  As we learn more about the Sturgeon we are able to improve methods.  It is encouraged that you join a guiding company that does adhere to these rules as it is of utmost of importance for the continued survival of these living dinosaurs.

Vedder River Fishing

Nice Catch!

Continuing on with the other fisheries on the main stem Fraser River, the water is low and clear right now too which can bode well for fishing Steelhead and Cutthroaton the fly or using gear. It’s a great way to get out. Finding some backwater or side channels is the best way to get yourself into fish. Cutthroat love to hangout in this type of water in search of food and the fishing has been very good. Very shortly we will have fry in the river and then it will be GAME ON! If you’re fishing gear bait, spoons, and spinners are working. On the fly nymph, egg, and minnow patterns are a good start. My daughter loves this kind of fishing because there is always something for her to do. If nothing else it’s a day to walk the river, explore, and spend some time with family.

steelhead fishing on the vedder river

Devon getting ready for the first cast of the day

The Chilliwack and Vedder River Steelhead fishing has been on FIRE for the last week. Team guide Ben has been crushing Steel on the fly out there! With 7 fish in the last few days, it just goes to show why Ben is one of the best in the business! The reports from the team are all good in the upper and lower parts of the river. The water is low and clear right now, with some upcoming rain the forecast the river should be in great shape. Guys and Gals on the fly have been doing great with egg sucking leeches, intruders, tube flies, and that are a little darker in color. Gear fishing has been doing great with roe, wool, rubber worms, and single eggs and blades. I can’t say anything more then I have already said about this incredible fishery. I truly think that every fisherman should try steelhead fishing at least once. The rewards of hooking into one of these remarkable powerhouses cannot be described! It can be one of the most rewarding adventures of a lifetime and food for the soul! Work will still be there tomorrow, come out and enjoy with us today!

Vedder River Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead? Yes Please….

The Columbia River has a trout fishery second to none, and the time for fly fishing this incredible river system is upon us. The section of Columbia River that flows from Castlegar through Trail, British Columbia to the US border is one of the last free-flowing stretches on this large and beautiful system. It is one of British Columbia’s fly fishing gems.  Spring time Rainbow trout can average a very hefty 4-5lbs, with some weighing up to and over 10lbs. There are really some lunkers in this system and we believe up to and over 20lbs, we have had clients hook up on the double hand Spey Rod with fish that just tore off our gear and ran. One of the best in the business at sharing these experiences is our team guide Bruce Kruk – expert in both single and double hand casting. Spending a few days with Bruce on the Columbia River not only can give you the casting tips to be better but he is fun and really knows all there is about this fishery and loves sharing that with others.  At this time they are feeding heavily on the baitfish and large stonefly nymphs. Come out with us and give this unparalleled fishery a try!

I just wanted to touch on one of the most important groups for recreational fishing here in the beautiful Fraser Valley. The Fraser Valley Salmon Society has been protecting the rights of recreational anglers since 1984. This group is one of the reasons that we have so many opportunities to enjoy the world class fishing we have here. They represent all of our interest by: ensuring angler access on local waters, trying to expand species opportunity, working with Department Of Fisheries, and represent the resource to everyone’s best interest. The back bone to the success of the FVSS is membership. This gives us a voice and a vote as anglers to be a part of what is happening on our water, and to make a real difference! It is my opinion that if you enjoy the incredible sport of fishing, that we as anglers give back and become involved and fight for what we have. If you’re interested in having your say and becoming a member visit – this quite simple will be the best $10.00 investment you could ever make as your vote is important to how our fisheries will be directed in the coming years.

That’s it for the report. As always, pack out what you pack in, and maybe a little extra.

If you have any questions check out DFO Pacific Fishery Notices & Region 2 Summary Page

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Great Adventures!

Steve “Murkywater” Price






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