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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 06-27-13

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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 06-27-13

Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 06-27-13

Fraser River Sturgeon fishing is changing every day. You have to put in the time to find them, and every day is different. You have to be packing bait! Eulichan’s, Lamprey eel, roe, dew worms.  Keep moving! Pull out all the stops to get yourself into fish.

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

A great shot sent by Tammie of her sturgeon she caught!

They are out there, we have seen some big fish around, and the Great River Team is well versed in the thrill of hunting down that submarine! I never get tired of seeing the excitement in somebody’s eye when they are first hooked up to one of these incredibly powerful fish. We always get a laugh because it’s not just one look…it goes through phases.

Phase 1….panic look! The first few seconds of holding a thrashing dino on the line, often has the look like someone has slapped you with the reality glove!

Phase 2…the determination look! This is the look where you know you’re in for a fight. Often your eyebrows furled…kind of like a Wild West gun fighter staring down a dirt road with his hand on his pistol ready to draw on that cheater at the card table, who just pulled ace from his sleeve.

Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River

Mike with his 1st Sturgeon! Great Job!

Phase 3…the anguish look! This is where faces start to look like a marathon runner who is already exhausted and realized the race is only half over! You bow your head, you take long pauses. You start looking for someone to take a turn on the rod, people start getting a case of the whinnies, things like “my arms are spent!” begin to be murmured.

Phase 4…relief look! This look generally starts when the fish is close to the boat, but can quickly go back to phase 3 look, when the fish see’s the boat and peels line out that you just worked so hard to gain! The true relief look is often when a person has no more gas in the tank after an epic battle, throws their head backward, faces the sky, takes a deep breath, maybe says a few words, and then…

The look you’ve been waiting for…

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Great shot of a Canyon dinosaur!

Phase 5….. the grin! That one that tells the story…you know that one…the look that says you just slapped Chuck Norris around in a back alley. That’s a serious grin my friends…Come out with us…we can give you that grin.

The Fraser River Canyon has also been a location of choice for many of our groups now through the end of August.  This amazing wilderness adventure takes you to the land of the giants.  Coming soon will be 1 year since we landed the incredible 12ft 4″ monster in Mid-July and spots are filling up fast as anglers are hoping to land their very own dinosaur.  Our crew has already been up fishing up in this area since the beginning of June and it has not disappointed.  In the last 3 weeks we have seen 20+ fish over 7 feet with the biggest at 10ft 5″.  If you have some time this summer for a day in the canyon I highly recommend it!

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Sturgeon fishing with Devon, Trent, Len and Brian

The Cultus Lake Pike Minnow Derby was a big success this year. 711 anglers took part and removed 560 Pike minnows from the lake, with lots of cash and prizes given out. It was a great day for friends and family to get together and have some fun. Just wanted to thank all the volunteers that made this another great year! We are already looking forward to next year.

Pitt River is one of the most scenic, and breath taking trips an angler could ever make, words can’t even describe the beauty, it really is a fly fishers dream. This should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you follow us on facebook you can see some of the incredible fish that team guide Curtis has been getting clients and friends into on the fly. Trust me when I say our Pitt River Crew knows their stuff.  The season for this location is available June through Mid-August.

Pitt River Trout Flyfishing

Pitt River Action!

Chilliwack/Vedder Rivers will be open July 1 to fish for Chinook salmon. This is an exciting time because springs kick off salmon season. With these hardnosed battling brutes you know you’re in a fight and that is just the beginning, with all five species of salmon running these rivers it is a treat to have it so close and so accessible. It is our job to keep it clean though. Every year literally tons of garbage is taken off that river by Chilliwack/Vedder river clean up society, and many others, who are always looking for volunteers. Please lets do our part for the future generations to enjoy.


Trout on the fly!

Well ladies and gents, that’s the report! As always, pack out what you pack in and maybe a little extra. The water levels are high.That means lots of debris, unstable banks, and fast water. Please be careful out there! No fish is worth not coming home! Good luck!

If you have any questions check out DFO Pacific Fishery Notices & Region 2 Summary Page

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Great Adventures!

Steve “Murkywater” Price





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