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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 06-12-12

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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 06-12-12

Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 06-12-12

Fraser River sturgeon fishing has been producing some good numbers and some sizable fish. Our team has been doing very well and it’s not over yet! The best way to get these

fraser river sturgeon fishing

Southridge High joined us for some Sturgeon fishing

mammoths  hooked up right now is roe. I had the pleasure of getting out with Shawn, and Dave this week and I just want to share what I believe sets our Great River team apart from the rest.  Dave had an opportunity to head in early off the river after the morning trip, however, he instead chose to head back out alone and find fish to set up his group for the next day, so they would be on them right away.  It may not seem like a big deal to some, but after 4 months of non stop fishing with only a handful of days off he could have gone home, but this detail got the following group onto some great fishing the next day. I wanted to mention it because these are some of the things our clients never get to see about the commitment the team has to making this an experience of a lifetime for all our guest’s.

White Sturgeon of the Fraser River

Marlene and her dino!

Dan’s Group along with Marlene and Ed had a phenomenal afternoon with Shawn at the helm.  We got hooked up with a beefy  monster over 6ft. The thing is, that this giant dove straight to the bottom and went under a log. For most anglers this would be the story of how the big one got away! Noticing a problem right away, Shawn pulled the anchor, put the boat in reverse pulled a 180 degree turn and followed the line out and pulled the line from underneath the log  and we were back to nothing but fish baby!  It was landed and with some great pictures and made for an incredible day and a great story for our guest’s. All made possible by some quick thinking, and great reaction time by Shawn. These are some of the reasons the Great River team is the best in the business! Good work guys!

The Harrison Riveris producing Coho and will continue to do so for a bit yet. Spinners are a good option. There is a mountain of fly combinations that can be explored. So get out and give it a shot! Often overlooked is the trout fishing in the Harrison River. Now is a great time of year to hit rainbow, and dolly’s!

Harrison River Eagles

The Chilliwack and Vedder rivers are still producing the odd coho and chum salmon. Spoons, spinners, roe, and  pink red and green wool are your best bet. The river is in great shape right now with lots of room to get out. Steelhead season is fast approaching. There is news of the odd one around. To coax them into feeding roe, pink worms, spinners, and single eggs are all good choices. If you would like to fly fish there is a whole host of steelhead flies to choose from, pink and purple being the go to colors. The Team is primed and ready to get out and start hunting these incredible game fish. People come from all over the world to enjoy this fishery. You need a Steelhead tag to fish these beauties, and if you decide to retain a hatchery fish you can’t fish for them for the rest of the day. Hear at Great River Fishing we encourage catch and release to let these majestic fish battle another day!  We have some great opportunities and deals to hunt the Vedder River steels, so give us a call today.

Vedder River Steelhead Walk and Wade

Steve with another beauty

If you have any questions, comments or stories that you would like to share, feel free! The Team is always interested in hearing what you have to say!

That’s it for the report. As always, pack out what you pack in, and maybe a little extra.

If you have any questions check out DFO Pacific Fishery Notices & Region 2 Summary Page

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Great Adventures!

Steve “Murkywater” Price



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