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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 04-04-13

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Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 04-04-13

Fishing Report – Vancouver & Fraser Valley 04-04-13

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Hold on Tight!

Firemen taking the day off the chase dinos!

The Fraser River sturgeon fishing has been outstanding and the weather has been perfect to hook up with these monsters. This winter and spring has been one of the best in recent memory.  The GRFA team has been out in full force getting our clients and friends out on the river for some days that they will not soon forget. Eulichan’s, Lamprey eel, and roe are what’s getting the job done for bait right now. We’re not just great numbers of dino’s either, some behemoths are being landed. Making for campfire stories that border on the unbelievable! There is nothing like telling friends, family, or even a stranger about a legendary fight with a prehistoric giant, and as they roll their eyes thinking that this is just another fish story, you pull out the camera or phone and show them the proof! Being able to say that  you tagged it and recorded information that will help ensure the survival and further conservation of this incredible species is something special and cannot be boasted by the average angler. This is often followed by words that start with “holy….” I’ll let you figure the rest out from there! With summer just around the corner and this being a pink salmon year, The GRFA team is getting ready for Sturgeon Fishing Storm 2013! Give the team a call today and book the adventure of a lifetime!

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Sarah shows off her catch!

With the fry starting to move now the Cutthroat trout fishing is heating up. With the chance to still hook up with steelhead this can make for some great fishing, if this is your cup of tea. If your chucking feathers, minnow patterns are a good place to start. If your tossing metal small spinners and croc’s work great.

Trout Fishing on the Harrison River

Action from the Harrison River!



The Chilliwack and Vedder Rivers have been producing some great days for Steelhead fishing on the fly and gear. Our steelhead masters are on the steel big time! With the snow pack starting to melt at higher elevations the water is looking great, not to mention the great weather we have had down here. Chasing grey ghosts in t-shirts is the best, especially after hunting them down all the frigid winter months! When the water temp goes up fish become more active and are willing to move around a lot more. This means not only will they take the end of your line better they will be more likely to fight harder…if that’s possible! Roe, wool, pink worms are getting fish to the shore. With the fry in the river, the steelhead will be actively hunting them so now is the best time of year for small spoons and Colorado’s if your fishing gear. On the fly its much of the same story, fry patterns, egg sucking leaches are the go to flies. Remember the Chilliwack and Vedder rivers close to gear fishers at the end of April then it is fly only for the month of may. I feel the need to add that these fish provide us as anglers with a unique and incredible opportunity that not everyone has.

Steelhead Fising on the Vedder River

Chromer caught on the Fly!

steelhead fishing on the Vedder River

First Steelhead Caught…..Congratulations!

The Chehalis River doesn’t get a lot of talk but can be a very productive if you pay attention to water levels. It can be difficult to fish for that very reason. It can hold good numbers of steelhead, Dolly’s, and trout this time of year. It starts from the Douglas ranges of the Coast Mountains and the river splits into many smaller waterways as it gets closer to where it runs into the Harrison River. It is a beautiful river and one worth exploring. Who’s up for the adventure?

Please report always report the dumping of garbage.  The Province of British Columbia Ministry of Environment have a phone line to report these activities: 1-877-952-7277.   The only way we can begin to stop the desecration to our rivers and wildlife is to take an active part. It only takes a second to put the number in your phone. You can remain anonymous. The number is no good in your phone if you don’t use it though!

That’s it for the report. As always, pack out what you pack in, and maybe a little extra.

If you have any questions check out DFO Pacific Fishery Notices & Region 2 Summary Page

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Great Adventures!

Steve “Murkywater” Price



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