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Fishing Report for Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

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Fishing Report for Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Monster SturgeonWell our Great River Fishing Crew and team did it again! Another monster sturgeon! Good work guys. Congratulations to Jeff Welch our team guide of the moment, so nice for all of us to experience this with him. I was fortunate to be on this Corporate “Team Building” day September 21, 2012 with Norman Daley & Co from Kamloops. The energy this created for so many was incredible and their bus ride back to Kamloops at the end of the day must have been one to remember – just like the fish.

We are fortunate to be able to fish for these incredible fish  and the chances of landing on e of these prehistoric giants for a second time in one year is so unreal. To know that these giants are still doing well in the Fraser River gives our clients hope that they too can make this happen and really this is can be the next nod of the rod for anyone visiting the area and sharing in this fishing experience.

White Sturgeon FishingIn the last week or so the Fraser River has been great the sturgeon fishing has been outstanding and this is the beginning of the best time of year! Fish parts, Roe, Lamprey, and dew worms are still working. Often the bigger fish are now out to play 7 to 10 ft are hooked up much more often. 6, 8, 10 fish days are quite common at this time of year. They hit like freight trains now, it’s all you can do to bury the hook and hold on for dear life and let our experienced guide’s help you chase them down. It’s a lifetime experience you won’t soon forget. So book a trip with us and go home with sore arms and full hearts!

Fraser River Salmon FishingBar fishing has been picking up, but in the last couple of days has been on fire. Spin’n glows working well. Our guides are having good success. Chinook numbers are pretty good. The Thompson “Big Reds” are now here with some of these fish being behemoths. When you hook one of these chrome bullets (some of which can go over 50lbs) you will know it! Coho are also doing very well. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE IS A BAIT BAN ON THE FRASER FROM SEPT 6 TO OCT 8. Please check the DFO Pacific Fishery Notices or Region 2 Summary Page regularly for changes to retention opportunities.

Salmon FishingThe Harrison River is really coming on strong right now with big Chinooks, Coho, and Chum. Not only is the Harrison A great fishery but the beautiful surroundings and breathtaking view create an unreal experience. The crystal clear water, and with gorgeous mountains as the back drop to a bent rod and thrashing slab that you’re trying to land!

The Vedder and Chilliwack have really been picking up. We are in need of a little rain but the fishing has still been very good. Coho, Springs, and Jacks are all taking. If your fishing gear, spey , fly , whatever the Vedder is a good place to be. The visibility is good, so smaller presentations may be the ticket.

Deer on the Ftaser RiverThat’s the update folks. Remember to be courteous and respectful to each other. You never know when you might need a friend on the river. One good deed or a little help from someone makes other people want to do the same thing. As always please remember to pack out what you pack in and maybe a little extra. The future and sustainability of all our great fisheries depends on us and is our responsibility to take care of for future use.

– Team guide and fishing expert Steve  ‘Murky Water”  Price



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