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Fishing Report for Fraser River & Tributaries May 28

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Fishing Report for Fraser River & Tributaries May 28

Fraser River and Tributary fishing report for the Fraser Valley May 28

Fishing, Edmonton, Alberta, Keith Rae, Fishing trips, North Saskatchewan RiverSome great fishing had over the past week while I was away in Edmonton for the Rendezvous 2012 Show and the rivers are still staying in great shape for adventures. I was also lucky enough to fish a few days in Edmonton with my great friend Keith Rae from “Get Hooked Fishing Adventures” – so if you are ever in Edmonton please check out this amazing fishery on local Lakes and the North Saskatchewan River



The Fraser River has been fishing well in all area’s the lower Fraser near Vancouver to Mission has seen some rather full fish with loads of energy. Curtis was on a trip with Dave and his son from England and hooked 13 fish for the day and fished Barnston Island, Douglas Island and the Golden Ears. The fish were enjoying the Lamprey eels and Eulachon mainly with the odd fish on good Chum roe. The Mission to Hope area has also been strong with the best fishing still at the Sumas canal, Cattermole’s is really coming into shape and Jesperson. Chris hooked a huge Sturgeon that they never got to see up at the cement plant and chased it for about 2 miles down the river zig zagging until the fish finally out smarted him and found a great tree to wrap himself up in and broke off. What a thrill this was for Mike and his family on their first trip with our team and they were also lucky to find another 5 fish for the day all ranging from 3 to 6 feet. Fraser Canyon, Hope, Yale, First Nations, Sturgeon Fishing, Fishing, ChartersThe Fraser Canyon has also been fishing good and is really starting to see lots more debris again with the slight rise in the water levels over last week. The debris can make some challenging fishing especially in some of the eddy’s like the Big Eddy in Yale, so be careful where you anchor as you can really get in trouble if you get caught with a log on your anchor line. Some of the best fishing was found at Gordon creek, Hawkeye Point and the lower bowl at Emory Creek with the best baits being roe and Lamprey.

Pitt River, Fly Fishing, Vancouver, Fishing, Bull Trout, Chilliwack, Fishing TripsThe Pitt River is really in great shape and has not been affected by the runoff and the fishing has been very good in the first 12km of river for Sea Run Dolly Varden on big swung fly’s. This is one of the most amazing pristine watersheds left in the Vancouver area and is a gem for those fly fishers who are looking for that special river to fish. For the single and double hand Spey fishers this river has challenging runs and can only be accessed by jet boat only from the Grant Narrows launch or fly in via Helicopter and fish for the day. It will be the best river to fish over the next few months with the Chinook Salmon and Sockeye coming in the early part of August. Book your trip to remember with our team of incredible Pitt River Guides and if you have never been fly fishing don’t forget we can teach and give instructional to give you all the tools for your tackle box. As all guests have said over the years, the jet boat ride is worth the price of admission alone.

Fly Fishing, Fishing, Trial, British Columbia, Trout, Rainbow Trout, CastlegarThe Columbia River is still a slight bit high but is fishing real well from Castlegar to downstream of Trail bridge. The may fly’s are coming off in huge hatch’s and the dry fly fishing has really started to come into shape in the warmer afternoons or when the sun comes out throughout the day. There are so many great places on this river system with such little pressure it is a true dream destination for all fly fishers. After a day’s fishing you can enjoy some of the towns great food and all within short walking distance from The Best Western Terra Nova. We always stay at this Hotel and it is another place in town that is a real treat. Andrew Roger’s has done a remarkable job over the years transforming this Hotel into a first class establishment. From the most comfortable beds we have ever slept in to the great staff and how they just really get it. the Sports Bar has amazing food with generous portions and a warm atmosphere. There is also some opportunity in this area for some incredible Walleye fishing in and around the Kootenay Dam and down by the Waneda Dam, be careful to watch the outflow from the Dams as this could be very dangerous to those who are not prepared for the flood gates to open. Chartreuse lead headed jigs are the best weapon for making a successful day of Walleye fishing, don’t leave home without them.

The Vedder River is still open for a few days and still has some good runs to fish, uncrowded now with all the fly guys now up Lake fishing. This is a great opportunity to hone skills with the double hand spey rods and single handers with no pressure of the many anglers that regularly use this system. There are some Steelhead smolts migrating out and in the river now so be careful to release them gently as they will be very anxious to chase your fly’s. The Vedder River closes totally on May 31st midnight and will not reopen until July 1 to allow the out migration to be well protected for our future Steelhead stocks. After one of the best season’s on record that I can personally remember in over 20 years this rivershed is in great shape and it seems the nutrient loading has been proven to help in many ways. We hope that the Government continues on with the project in the many years to come.

The Harrison River water level is usually dictated to by the height of the Fraser as it runs together at the confluence slightly upstream from Island 22 boat launch. The river will continue to rise over the next months and will be a little harder to access with our larger boats so taking advantage of the Kilby Boat launch is the best choice. As mentioned in past reports, the fish are really spread out and taking advantage of the high water you can really get to some inaccessible area’s that will hold some feeding Trout and Char species. There is some incredible white fish angling opportunities and they are super fun to catch and another great fishery for family’s to take advantage of. Stop in and have a nice lunch or dinner at Rowena’s on the River, amazing setting looking of the this river valley. There is a dock to tie up to and you can always cal up to the pro shop and they will come and get you from the dock and shuttle you to the restaurant. Only a few months away until this river fills with Salmon, the first to come is the Sockeye and this run is usually over 1 million annually.

PIke Minnow Derby, Chilliwack, Cultus Lake, Fishing, Vancouver, Fly FishingThe Annual Greg Clark Memorial Pike Minnow Derby is being held at Cultus Lake and again hosted by the Fraser valley Salmon Society. This event attracts young anglers from all over the Valley and has become one of the largest draws on the free Family Fishing weekend. Please go to see the new promotional video done by Rodney Hsu – from Fishing with Rod and is now posted on the Fraser valley Salmon Society Facebook page at   make sure you “Like” their page as I do not know a better organization to be involved with that does so much for the recreational anglers of British Columbia.  Check out their website at  and become a member and you can now even pay using paypal. This year there will be a guest appearance from BC Outdoors Sportfishing TV Host Mike Mitchell who will be coming up with his boat. We are looking forward to a real fun event again this year and hope you come out and join in the fun for Free Family Fishing Weekend, remember no licences are required for this weekend.

Sturgeon Fishing, Vancouver, World Sturgeon Classic, Chilliwack, Fly FishingIn closing I would like to continue to draw attention to getting youth involved in our fisheries in the coming year. The fishing opportunities in British Columbia are the best in the World and every family should try to get out and enjoy this resource. Whether you go to a local Lake, River or stream there is usually something to catch that does not take lots of experience. Fishing is easy, fun and can build and strengthen family relationships. I look back to my early days here in Chilliwack walking down to our local creek to catch Trout and even some Salmon in the Fall months, we would ride our bikes to nearby streams and spend hours fishing under small bridges where Trout were hiding out. Having an opportunity to fish local Rivers and Lakes gave me a special appreciation for nature and all it has to offer. When I became so busy in Sports it was hard to get out but by time I was in my early twenties I knew this was a path for my future. Finally getting an opportunity to share this with the world and taking a big chance financially we started our business. Today Chilliwack has become a Sportfishing destination for World Class Fishing experiences for families, individuals and Corporations to enjoy. When they say British Columbia is the “Best Place on Earth” they really mean it. I look back now and I am very thankful that my interests were tweaked at a young age and how we are so lucky to have a business that is so rewarding.

Enjoy the great outdoors of British Columbia, keep it clean, respect other user groups and bring your family and friends too.

See you on the river, Dean <“)))><



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