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SOCKEYE OPENING! Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – September 8, 2022

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SOCKEYE OPENING! Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – September 8, 2022

Great News!! The Fraser River will open for Sockeye either Friday or Saturday! DFO will be making the announcement today and we will post more info when available. It has been a few years since we have seen an opening for these much heralded fish and with the strong numbers returning we are once again blessed to be able to pursue these great fish during this time of year.

Regulations will be as follows:

  • Freshwater (Upstream of the Mission Bridge to the Highway 1 bridge in Hope): 2 Per Day with a 2 day possession limit
  • Saltwater (Downstream of the Mission Bridge): 4 Per Day with a 2 day possession limit
  • At this time we do not know if Chinook will be open as well. Stay Tuned…


The Sockeye fishery is very much considered a “harvest” fishery and we feel it should be treated as such. We are encouraging anglers that after they have retained there quota of Sockeye that they then refrain from bottom bouncing further. We all need to do our part in ensuring that this amazing Sockeye run can spawn in numbers and continue returning for future generations.


**A note on respect and sharing with other user groups on the river:
The river can be a busy one when salmon fishing begins and being respectful and having ethics can easily put the best foot forward so everyone goes home safely after their fishing day. Being sure that you watch for smaller boats and do not wake them as this can easily happen from the wake of a large jet boat. If other user groups are drift fishing or set netting, be sure to give them room and space. First Nations Fisheries are going to happen and most are FSC fisheries at this time. The priority order is as follows and every sport angler should know this – Conservation, First Nations, Commercial and Recreational. Please respect the FSC  (Food, Social and Ceremonial Fisheries) they have priority and need to be sure to get their food fish for the season. If you come across any issues or altercations, please call the Police (604.792.4611) and also ORR (observe report and record – DFO line) at 1.800.465.4336. 

One other note, give your fellow fishers space and clean up any mess around you. This is where we live and recreate and the world needs to know we want it to look nice. There is no room for garbage along the banks of our rivers and promoting a good fishery for the future is our goal at Great River Fishing.


If you wish to try your hand at this fishery please do not delay in getting a hold of us as space for August is already very limited! People looking to get out on teh water with us will be served in a first come first serve basis. Email Rick today to avoid disappointment or call or text direct to 604.997.3474 alternatively you can call the main office weekdays at 604.792.3544 or email to 


Photo 2022-08-15, 5 34 18 PM


With good salmon numbers in the Fraser the sturgeon fishing has been very good, especially for larger specimens. They have definitely switched gears and are actively searching out salmon pieces now. With Sockeye and Red Chinook in the system sturgeon have keyed into the bright red flesh of these beautiful fish. Having said, that please keep in mind that salmon fishing in the Fraser itself is closed at the moment and you will have to purchase some from local grocery stores or fish one of the tributaries that are open for them. Many boats are still reporting activity on other baits like lamprey and coarse fish but this seems to be a day to day phenomena rather than the norm. Having said that it’s still worth having a rod fishing something other than salmon parts, particularly pike minnows.

Photo 2022-08-16, 1 34 52 PM A

Fish have been found in all sorts of water and one really needs to move around to find the schools. Sometimes a hundred feet can be the difference between hooking up or just staring at your rods. Fish any where’s from 10 to 40 feet in depth and remember that the fish have been feasting and are getting fairly full. Most specimens are bulging with salmon in their bellies and they may “play” with your bait for some time before committing to it.

Photo 2022-08-22, 11 27 08 AM (1) A

The Fraser River has come down fast over the last few weeks and is almost at its traditional level for this time of year. Keep in mind that there are many gravel bars above the mouth Vedder River and one needs to be more careful when running the river, especially with a prop propelled boat. Also, tides do reach past the mouth of the Vedder and it’s a good idea to know them as the river can drop a foot or two on a dropping tide possibly making the route you took one way too shallow to run on your return. Best bet is to look at the New Westminster tide charts and add 2 to 3 hours.

Photo 2022-08-17, 12 30 31 PM A

The Canyon portion of the river has been phenomenal over the last few weeks with numbers of fish coming to hand simply stunning.  With the water dropping fast; the fishing is getting faster, with good numbers of above average fish coming on every charter. If you are thinking of running this special piece of water keep in mind that is very “heavy” water and not for the timid or unexperienced jet boater. Please be very careful!! The canyon is a high water fishery and the sturgeon haunts are not always obvious as the water levels tend to hide the really good spots. If you’re interested in trying your hand at biggest of the big in one of the most spectacular venue’s in the world drop Rick a line and he’ll be more than happy to help organize one of our Ultimate Fraser Canyon Sturgeon trips with you.

Photo 2022-08-29, 5 08 38 PM A

What better way is there to spend a warm autumn day than sitting in a comfortable covered jet boat waiting on another bite from the almighty sturgeon.  With limited fishing pressure on the river this is a great time of year to get out and experience these dinosaurs of the deep. We offer half and full day outing’s via jet boat with nothing but the finest in guides and tackle. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.

Photo 2022-09-06, 2 02 08 PM A

Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes
These 2 Geodesic Domes are the ultimate headquarters to your Fraser Canyon sturgeon fishing adventure! Nestled onto an amazing piece of property right on the banks of the mighty Fraser River near Yale BC, it is ideally situated for the outdoor enthusiast, angler and nature lover looking to get away and enjoy what the Fraser Canyon has to offer. Boasting over a thousand feet of riverfront your guide will pick and drop you off via jet boat for an amazing day up the highly scenic Fraser Canyon chasing some of the largest sturgeon in the world.

These state of the art geodesic domes represent the new standard for all things “glamping”. Handsomely appointed and offering all the luxuries of home these structures and surrounding property will leave you breathless. Stargaze from inside your dome and enjoy 550 square feet of living space heated with a propane fireplace, as well as air conditioned to achieve your maximum comfort level.  Enjoy the wood burning cedar hot tub next to the river and take full advantage of the massive deck with a unique fire table and BBQ to enjoy your favorite cuisine. Then end your day next to a cozy fire in the beautifully created pit with wood provided (not in fire season). For a closer look at the Domes Click Here

NEWS: Fraser Canyon Teepee Escape UPGRADES!
With the popularity of these accommodations increasing constantly we have managed to add even more to the experience! The 20′ Teepee now has a stand alone rustic covered outdoor kitchen and bathroom with all the goodies to along with it, including a large deck with fire table overlooking the river.

By moving the kitchen outside we added plenty of space to the interior of this teepee. This teepee is now set up the same as the 26 footer with a king bed and a daybed with trundle (2 regular sized twin beds). This is the ultimate canyon get away for those looking to add to their fishing adventure or just wanting to take in what the historic Fraser Canyon has to offer.


We’ve also added a small teepee for kids looking to get away from their parents… or maybe the other way around. This little teepee is a down scaled version just the right size for children to have their own glamping experience. To have a closer look at the Teepees Click Here

For more info or to find out availability please reach out to Alyssa at

That’s it for now. Conserve our waters and here’s to great fishing, forever…



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