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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – October 28, 2020

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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – October 28, 2020

Hi and welcome to the GRFA fishing report updated on the 27th of October 2020.

From torrential rain fall to bone chilling cold and back to warm fall weather, we’ve been on a wild weather rollercoaster. The waters levels have followed suite and currently we have ideal fishing conditions. Here’s the low down on what’s going on.


The Fraser River and its tributaries were unseasonably high with heavy rains throughout BC from the middle of October. However, with temperatures dropping dramatically last week, all water systems are on the hard drop and fish are really starting to have a sense of urgency as they feel winters grip coming.


Dropping water is ideal for most fishing conditions on the west coast and sturgeon are no different. Salmon have been pouring into the river and its tributaries and it’s NOW that sturgeon really start to put their winter weight on, feasting on salmon roe and carcasses. This is obviously the bait of choice at the moment and will most likely stay that way through November.


Sturgeon are actively searching out food and most guides are reporting fish in shallower waters from 30’ all the way to 10’. With the fish moving more, its best to give it a little longer at each anchor drop as often bites come in bunches as sturgeon hunt the bottom.


As noted the river is dropping hard and one really needs to be careful out there right now, we have seen a few boats high and dry on the gravel bars. Of particular note the old Five Fingers stretch of river (Wellington Bar to Bowmans Bar) is very touchy and a prop driven boat should steer clear of this area. One definitely wants to keep an eye out for shallow bars and watch your sounders as your running, even in a jet boat.

With most of nature running a little behind this year the Fraser Canyon has remained surprisingly excellent and continues to produce both numbers and size on every trip!! If you are thinking of running this special piece of water keep in mind that is very “heavy” water and not for the timid or unexperienced jet boater, especially in low water. Please be very careful!! Also keep in mind that anchoring in the Canyon is much different than the lower river and one can find themselves stuck very easily as the big water surges and pushes their boat. If you’re interested in trying your hand at biggest of the big in one of the most spectacular venue’s in the world drop Rick a line and he’ll be more than happy to help organize one of our Ultimate Fraser Canyon Sturgeon trips with you.


What better way is there to spend a warm autumn day than sitting in a comfortable covered jet boat waiting on another bite from the almighty sturgeon.  With limited fishing pressure on the river this is a great time of year to get out and experience these dinosaurs of the deep. We offer half and full day outing’s via jet boat with nothing but the finest in guides and tackle. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.


Returns are definitely on the late side as numbers of salmon in the salt water are still extremely high. Fish are pouring in on every tide and most likely they will continue to do so for the next few weeks… it looks like we’re going to have a banner November!


The Fraser River is slated to open on the 2nd of November and with fish numbers staying high and water clarity improving every day it looks as if we’ll actually have a decent, albeit short, season on it. Anglers are asked to stick with bar, float or fly fishing equipment and stay away from bottom bouncing. Please consult your regulations for limits and restrictions. See for updated regulations.

The Vedder is still experiencing a good push of Coho and Chum, with still more on the way. Fish are throughout the river and pressure has been high.  Anglers are running the usual gamut of float fishing gear to entice these fish. Only word of advice would be to use smaller offerings whether that be wool/bead combos, jigs or spawn sacks. Also worthy of note, the mouth of the river has still been producing well on the slack tides with anglers working spoons and spinners.

The Harrison has been very good as of late for Chum and a few Coho. Water levels were very high and many gravel bars were hidden under water making prime spots tough to find. In the last few days the water has crashed dramatically and the fishing has been “off the hook”. Most anglers have been float fishing jigs and the like with many now switching to the fly as the water conditions improve for it. Keep in mind that the Harrison has a lot of sockeye in the upper river and these fish are all non-target. If you happen to get one please release it as quickly and gently as possible.


The Nicomen Slough as well as the Stave River are seeing decent numbers of Coho and Chum in them now. These systems are typically late fisheries and it looks like they will be holding on for quite some time. Most anglers are targeting Coho on the fly or running spinning outfits on the tide changes in the lower ends of the systems. Further up many anglers are now float fishing with small spawn sacks for Coho and larger jigs or corkie wool combo’s for the Chum.


The Chehalis River is also having an excellent return and conditions are prime for light tackle float fishing. Coho and Chum are in the system and most anglers are running very small float rigs with single beads and toughs of wool. First light seems to be critical as the bite tends to be short and hectic.


“GRFA has decades and decades worth of knowledge when it comes to targeting salmon Fraser Valley. If you would like to learn more about this fishery or simply want to get out on the river for some salmon fishing we can help. Please contact Rick at and let us help you experience the thrill of salmon on the rod.”

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