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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – June 15, 2021

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Fishing Report for Chilliwack to Vancouver – June 15, 2021

Hi and welcome to the GRFA fishing report updated on the 15th of June.

We are just a few sleeps away from Father’s Day and if anyone is struggling to find the ultimate present dad look no further, Great River Fishing Adventure Gift Certificates make the perfect gift. What better way to celebrate Dads day than making memories that will last a lifetime. Call or email today. Now onto what’s happening on the fishing front…


The Fraser River has come down almost 4 feet with the cooler weather up in the interior and northern BC. This has made for some great fishing for the dinosaurs of the deep. Although we do not believe this is the end of the freshet we do not expect any huge influxes of water for the time being.  Expect the waters to dip and rise for the next few weeks and then start its gradual drop that should blend into July.


Having said that still be ultra-vigilant when boating the river as there is still a lot of debris coming down the Fraser. Also, one is wise to keep an eye upstream while anchored for logs and trees that may hang up on your anchor line and or fishing line, they can really make a mess in hurry. With all the debris you will need to check baits a little more often to ensure that they are also clear of small debris.


Most feeding fish can be found in shallower water (under 30 feet) at the moment and the most consistent bait has been coarse fish and lamprey. Like most fish, sturgeon typically become very active as the river levels drop and will move actively searching out food. The trick is finding them… and then its “hang on” time as they have been jumping repeatedly and making blistering runs!


The Fraser Canyon has been fishing very well as of late and we have seen some truly huge fish. If you are thinking of running this special piece of water keep in mind that is very “heavy” water and not for the timid or unexperienced jet boater. Please be very careful!! The canyon is a high water fishery and the sturgeon haunts are not obvious as the water levels tend to hide the really good spots. It’s also an area with massive rocks and underwater crevices that love to snag anchors and fishing gear, if you are uncertain about an area it would be wise to keep moving. If you’re interested in trying your hand at biggest of the big in one of the most spectacular venue’s in the world drop Rick a line and he’ll be more than happy to help organize one of our Ultimate Fraser Canyon Sturgeon trips with you.

2017.06.04 C

What better way is there to spend a spring day than sitting in a comfortable covered jet boat waiting on another bite from the almighty sturgeon.  With limited fishing pressure on the river this is a great time of year to get out and experience these dinosaurs of the deep. We offer half and full day outing’s via jet boat with nothing but the finest in guides and tackle. We pride ourselves in ensuring your day is as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your speed, we will cater to your needs. Call or email today.

June signifies the annual start to the Pitt River Bull trout fishery and thus far it’s shaping up to be an excellent season. With the spring freshet being right at normal levels the river is in prime shape right now and we’ve seen some excellent action already.


The biggest bull trout of the season are typically the first to enter the river and our last few charters some fine specimens already. Also, one of guests last week was lucky enough to hook and land a late steelhead! Keep in mind that if you do happen into one of these fish to please handle it with care to ensure it can return to spawn again, they are a rare and special fish.


If you are going to try running your jet boat up the Pitt River keep in mind that this is a shallow water fishery and not the place for an unexperienced jet boater. The river has changed dramatically from last year and will continue to “move” around as the season progresses. This is not the place to run into trouble as it is a remote river and help can be far away…

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Coming soon! The timing on the salmon runs up the Pitt River is from mid-July through mid-August. These free rising fish are super charged chromers that love to smash a lure or fly. This is the height of the season for the river and we are filling up fast. If you are interested in trying this incredible fishery don’t delay, contact us today.


Great River Fishing Adventures guides have many years’ experience fishing the Upper Pitt River watershed and are knowledgeable about the area and effective techniques to target all species. As Jet Boats and experienced boat handling skills are required to access and fish this river, you rarely see other anglers, and more importantly this area is not over fished. It is truly an adventure that is easily accessible within a day from Vancouver. For a free personalized quote please drop Rick an email at

Cutthroat Trout
The Harrison and Stave Rivers remain clear and high and we are now seeing good numbers of salmon fry. Cutthroat are nosing around for these minnows as the salmon life cycle begin a fresh. Best fishing has been at day break but they can keep biting all day with a little cloud cover, which we’ve had plenty of lately. Watch for fish crashing minnows close to shore and move to them.

Rainbow Trout, Fly Fishing, Harrison River, Vancouver, Fishing, Trout, Cutthroat Trout

Most anglers are targeting cuties with light fly gear. With the advent of the Salmon fry migration stick with small minnow patterns like the good old Rolled Muddler Minnow and Tied Back Minnows fished close to the surface. Look for fish rising, cutthroat are very schooly and even if you just see one riser there is a very good chance that there are a few more with it.  Also cutthroat are very light sensitive creatures and you would be best to concentrate your efforts to low cloud covered days.

Novice to expert we can help you dial these little battlers in. We offer half and full day excursions via jet boat or walk in’s for these ghosts of the coast. Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to fill you in.

As we move into early summer the Columbia River starts to see some of its incredible hatches. The first hatches are terrestrial bugs that don’t actually originate from the river but rather fly and flutter out onto the river after emerging from rotten logs and the like. These terrestrials are primarily Cicadas and Carpenter Ants and make quite a meal for the hungry trout below. Needless to say the surface action can be stunning as heavy rainbows crash the calm surface gulping down these large protein packs. Keep in mind that the trout are very opportunistic on these bugs and you do not need to see feeding fish to get some dry fly action. Work the water quickly, especially towards dusk, and cover ground, when you least expect it they will pounce.

Trout Fly Fishing

For those mid-day fishing or not having the patience for the dry fly, streamer style flies cast with either a fast sink tip or weighted fly for rainbows is still deadly and account for most of the truly large fish. Look for action in the deeper parts of the river where fish tend to stack up.

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Also, don’t forget the Walleye that are throughout the system. Not really a fly targeted species Walleye anglers are primarily using jigs tipped with night crawlers. These can be cast bounced on the bottom or fished suspended under a float. Again look for deeper slower water where the fish congregate.

Columbia River, Fly Fishing, Trail, Fishing, Rainbows, Trout, Vancouver, Fishing Trips

With over 30 kilometers of fishing and 1,500 fish per kilometer, the Columbia is a fly fisher’s dream. This fishery is a true hidden gem and offers anglers the best of both worlds with scrappy trout and tasty walleye. Want to give the Columbia a go? GRFA has partnered up with some of the best guides in the area and is now offering trips to this world class fishery. Drop us a line at


Kyuquot Sound is one of the last great tidal salmon fishing grounds in the world. So much so that they hardly felt the current closures that most of the BC coast line has experienced over the last few years. In fact this area still has a 2 Chinook Daily limit with a 2 Day possession limit at 8 salmon, which is not that hard to do during the Coho return. Not only that, but ground fish and Halibut limits remain some of the most lenient on the coast and really make more a seafood bonanza.


GRFA has teamed up with one of the finest operations in the area and will be offering salmon and halibut trips this summer. With superior hospitality, a beautiful land-based on the water lodge, stunning boats and seasoned guides you have all the ingredients of a top notch West Coast experience. Reach out to us for more information at

That’s it for now. Conserve our waters and here’s to great fishing, forever…




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