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2022 Season Wrap Up

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2022 Season Wrap Up

Here we are again, approaching the end of another year and what a season it was. With covid restrictions finally lifting in 2022, we were able to see many of our long time over seas and southern guests. It was great to rekindle and reconnect, hearing so many stories that time apart can only create all the while making new memories in some incredible scenery with bent rods in hand… a big Thank You to all that visited us in 2022

Of course, we also saw a massive influx of new guests as people shook of the Covid blues and began to travel. This is one of the greatest perks to our labor, sharing our passion with likeminded people. Seeing someone light up when they first see a sturgeon bend the rod or watching someone set the hook on their first salmon, this is something that will never get old… and again we would like to Thank You for visiting in 2022 and hope that you spread the word and come see us again!

Many good times and firsts were had this year but before we dive into that we would like to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Fished filled New Year!! From our office staff… Leanne, Alyssa, Dean and Rick… and the rest of the Great River Fishing Team… We truly hope you have a Safe, Healthy and Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year! Here’s to the good times had and looking forward to making more in 2023.



As many of you know southern BC experienced devastating flooding starting the middle of November back in 2021. Clean up efforts where a long and arduous process and it was with great pride that we watched the guiding community come together and lend a hand during this time, which blead well into the 2022. Much of our time last winter was spent helping out where we could with river clean ups and moving displaced fish back into their natal streams and rivers.

With so many people dropping their respective duties to help, we were astounded to see the province bounce back quicker than anyone expected. Kudo’s to Fraser Valley Anglin Guide Association and all those that made an effort to help and may we never have to go through this again.



Although most, if not all, the smaller streams and rivers felt at least some of the effects of the flood, the Fraser river itself, along with the Harrison River, did not see the volumes of water needed to over flow their banks. The flooding was primarily restricted to southern BC and the length of these 2 rivers offset the volume, as water levels in the northern reaches did not bump up as wildly as the lower section. Debris from the smaller river system inundated the Fraser, however, as noted, the massive clean up effort made a huge a difference and by spring one was hard pressed to see any real changes on our sturgeon rivers.

Of course winter found our rivers seeing a little more water than normal. This was partly due to the atmospheric river which brought the floods, but also another warm winter in the interior of the province which kept the waters up. This made for some outstanding winter sturgeon fishing as the big fish really didn’t go into their typical dormant state. Couple that with the typical array of smaller fish and the action was fast and furious.


Late winter, prior to freshet, the Fishing in the lower reaches of the Fraser was phenomenal. Double digit numbers were the norm instead of the exception and it was not uncommon to see multiple double headers on the same day!! In fact triple headers were commonplace!! As the waters warmed through late March the big boy’s started biting as the fish left there wintering holes and started searching out nutrients.

As we moved into spring the water levels remained slightly above average which in turn kept the water temperatures slightly above average as well. Fishing pressure was very light this spring and the sturgeon remained fairly uneducated, often the bites were stunning as many fish simply devoured our offerings. This seemed to go on and on as we really didn’t experience many, if any, true lulls in the action.

kd5zIy4gLucky anglers with giant 10’3″ white sturgeon. Landons first 10 foot plus guided fish. Congrats!!

With the warmer winter the spring freshet came early, about mid May, then the larger than average snow pack kept levels high through to about the end of August. The waters crested around the third week of July and slowly subsided through to about mid/late August making for a highwater summer. This made the Fraser Canyon “the” place to be for sturgeon fishing. With the higher water the fish moved up on mass , and for those in the “know”, the Canyon is a notoriously awesome high water fishery… In fact we are hard pressed to remember a summer where the action was simply non stop and monster fish seamed to be everywhere. It was not uncommon to see every boat hit the double digits on consecutive days. In fact, at times guests were requesting that we fish with only one rod as the double headers were proving to be mayhem as the size of the fish were well above average as well!! If you would like to experience this incredible fishery no one fishes it more than the GRFA team. In fact its not even close… this is our home away from home. Day in and out we ply its water and its all to make sure your Canyon Experience is the best it can be. Drop us a line and experience the finest sturgeon fishing on the planet.

Photo 2022-07-19, 11 47 00 AM
The fishing stayed excellent right through the fall as all the salmon “flavors” made their traditional spawning runs and kept the sturgeon on the feed right through. Currently the fish have packed up in their wintering holes and the fishing remains very good. There is still an abundance of feed in the form of spawned out salmon carcasses and sturgeon are really trying to stack up the weight as winter threatens. The river is fairly devoid of anglers and the fish are really on the bite… drop us a line, it’s not too late to catch a few more sturgeon…

Photo 2022-10-06, 1 00 53 PM (1)Guide Steve with another 10’5″ monster. Wow!!



Once again, we started the salmonid season out with steelhead fishing by rafting the Vedder River and plying its water with both, the tried and true float fishing method as well as fly and spey fishing. The floods that had wreaked havoc on the river a few months ago were now just a memory and, all in all, actually made for some excellent “new” holes to fish and easy drifting for the raft. Water levels did fluctuate somewhat but were a far cry from years past and the river stayed in shape very well. Fish numbers were some of the best we’ve seen in years and size seamed to be up somewhat as well.


May rolled around and we started our annual Pitt River Bull Trout fishery. This system typically needs higher water not only to bring the fish in but also allows for us to run the jet boats further upstream, accessing more fish lies. This year the river laid out very well and we were able to access further upstream than we have in quite a few years. The early summer saw some good fish, however it definitely lit up a later than normal and held on right through July as we realized some truly large specimens well into the summer.

Mid July saw the first of the salmon return and they really showed up on mass this season. With most of the river being accessible and fish numbers high, every charter realized much action on these truly special fish.

Photo 2022-08-08, 10 05 45 AM

With September came the much-anticipated Fraser Basin salmon fishery. With this year being the large return of Sockeye in their cycle we were blessed to have an opening once again! Although a little late in the season for them, the sockeye did not disappoint and we managed to make the most of the 2 week opening managing to get into a few Chinook as well.

Photo 2022-10-06, 12 56 31 PM

Water levels were on the low side and Coho came in more towards the end of the month. These silver battlers seem to becoming in larger numbers every year and this year was no exception as they filled our rivers and hung around right through November.

Chum numbers were a pleasant surprise this fall as we finally saw a true up beat on their migration. With the lower water the Harrison River had all of its much heralded runs and holes fishing well and the action was over the top. Spey, fly and spin fishermen truly had the time of their lives as rods were constantly bent and reels continued to buzz. These have to be one the most underrated game fish in the world… large eager biters, spectacular fighters and in awesome numbers, what are you waiting? Give them a try in 2023. Drop us a line at

Photo 2022-10-13, 3 02 32 PM


unnamed (1)

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Now closed for the season. We would like to send a special Thank You to all those who came and visited us this year. Sharing this incredible piece of heaven on earth has not only been a privilege but a true pleasure as well. We can’t wait to see you again.

The domes and teepees will reopen next April, and we are already taking bookings. If you are at all interested in the ultimate “Glamping” experience in one of BC’s most beautiful landscapes, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Photo 2020-06-07, 9 13 24 PM (1) (edited-Pixlr)

Once again Thanks’ everyone for making the 2022 fishing season such a success and we look forward to seeing you all in 2023! Have a splendid holiday season and here’s wishing everyone a prosperous and fish filled New Year! Cheers!



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