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2012 A Season for the History Books

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2012 A Season for the History Books


Great River Fishing Adventures would like to thank all of its clients, friends like an extended family for being part of another amazing year. Many special moments were made this year, from the first time angler who caught his first Salmon to the returning angler who finally landed their 8 foot after years of chasing Dino’s and even the first fly cast by some.  We were the adventure of choice for birthdays, company team building days and anglers just wanting to get out on the river.  We had the opportunity to share many exciting experiences and were fortunate to also make some great friends along the way. It is all of you we thank for believing in our team to make your dreams come true.

fraser river salmon fishing

on the river again…..

We would like to extend our Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful Holiday Season and for a Healthy and Prosperous 2013. Hopefully many of you will be planning your next adventure or just reminiscing of the many amazing adventure experiences we have shared together.

The 2012 season we had so many incredible fishing trips but a couple of highlights that will go down in the history books.  On September 21, 2012 a group from Daley and Company Chartered Accountants – along with our team guide Jeff Welch -was on a team building corporate retreat when they landed the fish of a lifetime. Norman Daley was quoted “That thing was huge and in the first few minutes I had it on the line I thought my arms were going to fall off”.  It turned out to be an 11’ 8” white sturgeon estimated to weigh about 1000 lbs. We scanned the hundred plus, year old fish and discovered it had never been tagged. Not only a virgin but likely a ocean migrating Sturgeon – snow white – in color. It was tagged, pectoral fin clipped and released unharmed back into the wild.

Giant Monster Sturgeon – 11ft 8″ 1000lb+ Fraser River Fishing


This wasn’t the only incredible catch:

Just two months earlier on July 16, 2012 a massive fish exploded from the water and waged battle. A couple from Salisbury, England – Michael and Margaret Snell on a return trip from 2009 – set out to catch a larger fish. The Fraser Canyon did not disappoint them, after 90 minutes of battle they landed their 12 foot monster. “It is the most excitement I’ve ever had with a fish. It all happened so quickly,” said Michael. “When we picked its head up out of the water, it was almost three feet wide. I never knew a fish could be that large!”. This fish was another virgin and we shared in tagging, fin clipping and tissue sampling. This fish may have never encountered another human ever before and was released unharmed to be caught another day.

Giant Monster Sturgeon – 12ft 4″ 1100lb Fraser River Fishing

We are eagerly awaiting the information from the science of these two amazing fish. We will find out the exact aging, sex of the fish, and hopefully how many bodies of water the fish have lived in and or if the one was truly an ocean migrating Sturgeon. Without these continued efforts in science this would all still be a mystery. Also to let you know how rare this is to catch and land 2 giant Sturgeon in one year! The percentage of landing these giants is probably only 2% – that’s right – over 98% of these fish break us off or just simply out smart us. Shear power and weight simply wins, so lots needs to be said for how incredible our Professional guide team is.

We can only imagine what future experiences with all of you will hold

Our Steelhead fishing in 2012 was nothing short of a show stopper from February to late April we introduced all levels of anglers to this great fishery. Teaching and honing skills whether gear fishing, single or double hand fly casting this fishing experience was very solid.

The Wilderness Pitt River experience was exceptional for our guests, we use this as a fly fishing haven. This should be on every fishers list of rivers to fish. Incredible Sea run Dolly Varden, Trout, Steelhead, Chinook, Sockeye and Coho were caught in 2012 by many anxious anglers. Memories of double digit fish days for all these species were shared by so many.

The Salmon fishing in 2012 was slow to get going but truly was another one of the best in many years! Bar fishing that was the best in over 10 years with so many Coho, Chinook and Chums it was really hard to keep them off from September to early November. The Fly fishing both single and double handed Spey was challenging but really paid off for those willing to invest in working the waters. We also seen a few Steelhead caught on the fly which is not done by many on the main stem Fraser River.

Another monster landed….

2013 looks to be shaping up like another incredible year of fishing opportunities with the Steelhead Season already upon us to good numbers of Salmon predicted. Along with the return of 10 to 20 million Pink salmon we can be banking on some huge Sturgeon to be caught again too.

As our guests you know that we love to share our passion for what we do with you and cannot wait each day to get on the river and show you what Beautiful British Columbia has to offer.  We always are excited to have the chance to share with you importance of conservation and teach you the importance of protecting and respecting the resources that are provided to us.

We hope that the memories you made with us will last you a lifetime and that you are looking forward to visiting us again next year to make a few more.  With such a great season we are filling up fast for the 2013 Fall Salmon and Sturgeon season and we have only a few Fraser Canyon Trips available in the Spring June – August.  Make sure you get your date secured soon so you can get your favorite guide and time of year.

Thanks for the memories you have given all of us!

“The Journey never ends when you share the Passion” – Dean Werk <”)))><



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