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Vedder River Fishing – An Avid Angler’s Dream


The Vedder River is easily one of the most popular rivers on the lower mainland. Not only does it provide year-round recreation for outdoor enthusiasts it is also provides an amazing fishery for anglers.
Most of the river quite easily accessible by paved or gravel roads allows for you to easily meet up with our professional guides and get you out for a day on the river and experience one of the top producing rivers in British Columbia. Walk-and Wade trips on the Vedder River are absolutely unforgettable and will leave you wanting to return for more.

Best Steelhead Fishing in the World

Steelhead fishing represents the pinnacle in sport fishing on the west coast and you are in for an adventure. Winter Steelhead starts entering the Vedder River around late January, with the best time being Mid-February to Mid-May. On Average this river has an average return of 10,000+ fish each year. With spectacular jumps and epic efforts to escape these magnificent fish will test all your angling skills.

Walk-&-Wade Adventures Close to Vancouver

What better way to enjoy a winter or spring day than hiking and fishing one of our beautiful rivers with anticipation of finding some enormous chrome Steelhead and wild Pacific Salmon? This trip gives you the opportunity to explore and appreciate the true beauty of British Columbia’s outdoors.

Clean, fast-flowing rivers, classic pools and runs, snow-covered mountain peaks, and explosive fish are what BC Steelheading is all about. We fish several rivers, each in its own unique setting, and offer you miles and miles of fishable water. We cater to both fly and gear anglers alike.

Spend A Day Chasing Wild Pacific Salmon

Chinook Salmon enter the Vedder River in late July and these Kings are fit and ready to fight!  In the following months the remaining 4 species of Salmon start running up the Vedder River and continue until it peaks in late October. Chasing these Salmon is a fantastic way for you to spend a fall day on the river. Besides Wild Pacific Salmon there are Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden available for you to have a tussle with.

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