BC Family Fishing Adventures

Are you ready to start a family tradition?


Fishing is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors, make memories with friends and family, get children involved in a healthy fun activity and more.

A family fishing trip with Great River Fishing Adventures provides the perfect setting for strengthening family ties and making cherished memories.

We provide all of the fishing gear and focus on family friendly service and safety that will make this trip one you’ll want to repeat year after year.

Bring a camera, as you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime! Take one of our family fishing staycations this year and spend quality time with kids, discovering nature and experiencing the great outdoors.

You’ll never have a better time with your children than when you see their pride and joy when a fish is on the line!

Teach them new skills that will last a lifetime

Being on the water provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids about their environment, and boating, fishing and safety skills. Boating and fishing provide unlimited learning—learning that lasts a lifetime!

Spend Quality Time Together

The first and foremost reason to take your kids fishing is to spend time with them! Taking time out of a busy schedule (both theirs and yours in many cases) is great way to show your children that you care. During this time you will not only be teaching them a lifelong skill, you will have the opportunity to share family stories, childhood experiences and personal knowledge.


This simple activity will bring you closer together with your family and bring them closer to you. You will find that this will improve your relationship in and out of the boat, because you have added to your list of shared experiences and shared knowledge.

Learn about nature

Fishing sets up the perfect opportunity to teach your children about nature. It is hard to go fishing and not wonder why fish feed in certain areas or what type of bird is that walking along the shore. Your children will naturally be inquisitive, opening the door for you to explain how everything must work together in order to exist the way it does.

Your children will also see how their decisions can impact the environment.


All good things come!

Fishing is not a sport that is always go, go, go. By teaching that in some situations you need to have patience and persistence to accomplish a goal. When you take your kids fishing you will teach them that results do not come immediately, but when they come they are worth the effort it took to achieve them.

It’s FUN!

We feel that this one if fairly self-explanatory.

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